Texas Tech University

Optimal Transfer Plan (2011-2012)

Many students take coursework at an institution(s) prior to attending Texas Tech.  The students then transfer that coursework toward their degree at Texas Tech. When students engage in this practice, course sequencing is vital to smooth the transition to TTU. 

CCTR designed the following Optimal Transfer Plans (OTPs) to assist you in better understanding appropriate course selection and sequencing should you decide to attend another institution prior to transferring.  To access the sequencing guide, find the major you would like to view and click the 'X' out to the right of the major's name. 

We also offer information about each major below, as well as information about scholarship, college information, study abroad and more by clicking on the name of major itself. NOTE: the information is taken from the corresponding year catalog, and will be in a downloadable pdf format. 

All of the course information on the plans is designated in State of Texas Common Course Numbers.  For more information e-mail the CCTR advisors at:  cctr@ttu.edu or call them 806-742-0876.

Accounting X      
Actuarial Science   X    
Addiction Disorders and Recovery Studies   X    
Advertising X X    
Agribusiness X      
Agribusiness Management   X    
Agricultural and Applied Economics X      
Agricultural Business Management     X  
Agricultural Communications X X    
Agricultural Leadership   X X  
American Sign Language   X    
American Studies     X  
Animal Business     X  
Animal Production     X  
Animal Science X X X  
Anthropology X X    
Apparel Design and Manufacturing X X    
Applied Physics Professional Concentration     X  
Arabic   X    
Architecture X X    
Art X      
Art – Art History X      
Art and Aesthetics     X  
Art History   X X  
Asian Studies   X    
Astrophysics     X  
Athletic Coaching   X    
Atmospheric Science   X X  
Bilingual Education   X X  
Biochemistry X      
Bioengineering   X    
Biology X X    
Cell and Molecular Biology X X    
Chemical Engineering X X    
Chemistry X X    
Chinese   X    
Civil Engineering X X    
Classics X X    
Clinical Laboratory Science       X
Communication and Public Affairs     X  
Communication Design (Art)     X  
Communication Studies X X    
Community and Urban Studies   X    
Community, Family, and Addiction Services X      
Comparative Literature   X    
Computer Engineering X      
Computer Science X X    
Conservation Law Enforcement X      
Conservation Science     X  
Construction Engineering X X    
Construction Technology     X  
Corporate-Organizational Communication     X  
Creative Writing     X  
Criminology     X  
Crop Biotechnology     X  
Crop Production     X  
Cropping Systems Management     X  
Dance X X    
Design/ Technology (Theatre)     X  
Dramatic Writing   X    
Early Childhood X      
Ecology and Environmental Biology     X  
Economics X X    
Electrical Engineering X X    
Electronic Media     X  
Electronic Media and Communications X X    
Electronic Media Management and Economics     X  
Elementary Math/Science     X  
Energy Commerce X      
Engineering   X    
English X X    
English as a Second Language     X  
Entrepreneurship     X  
Environment and the Humanities X X    
Environmental Crop and Soil Science X X    
Environmental Engineering X X    
Environmental Horticulture     X  
Environmental Soil and Water Science     X  
Environmental Writer/Educator     X  
Environmental Studies   X    
Ethics     X  
Ethnic Studies   X    
European Studies   X    
Exercise and Health Promotion     X  
Exercise and Sport Sciences X X    
Exercise Science     X  
Family and Consumer Sciences X      
Family Life Studies   X    
Finance X      
Fisheries Biology     X  
Food Industry     X  
Food Science X X X  
Forages and Grazing Systems     X  
Forensic Anthropology     X  
Forensic Sciences   X    
French X X    
General Business X X    
General Contractor     X  
General Studies X      
Geographic Information Science   X    
Geography X X    
Geology   X X  
Geophysics   X X  
Geosciences X      
German X X    
Global Affairs     X  
Global Supply Chain     X  
Greek   X    
Health   X    
Health and Humanities     X  
History X X    
History of Religions     X  
Honors Arts and Letters X      
Horticultural and Turfgrass Sciences X X    
Horticultural Biotechnology     X  
Horticultural Plant Production     X  
Horticultural Science     X  
Human Development and Family Studies X X    
Human Resource Development   X    
Human Sciences X      
Humanities   X    
Industrial Engineering X X    
Integrative Studies   X X  
Intelligence     X  
Interdisciplinary Agriculture X      
Interior Design X X    
International Business X      
International Business Administration X      
International Economics X      
International Engineering   X    
International Studies   X    
Interpersonal Communication     X  
Investment     X  
Italian   X    
Japanese   X    
Journalism X X    
Landscape Architecture X X    
Latin   X    
Latin American and Iberian Studies X X    
Legal Studies   X    
Life and Earth Science     X  
Linguistics   X    
Literature and Language     X  
Management X      
Management Information Systems X      
Managerial Finance     X  
Marketing X      
Mass Communications   X    
Mathematics X X    
Meat Science     X  
Meat Science Business     X  
Mechanical Engineering X X    
Mechanical Technology     X  
Mechanical/Electrical Contractor     X  
Media Strategies X X    
Microbiology X X    
Middle-Level English Language Arts, Reading/Social Studies     X  
Middle-Level Math/Science     X  
Military History     X  
Military Studies   X    
Multidisciplinary Science X      
Multidisciplinary Studies X      
Music X X    
Music Composition     X  
Music Performance     X  
Music Theory     X  
Natural Resources Management X X    
Nuclear Engineering   X    
Nutrition X X    
Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics X      
Occupational Therapy       X
Operations Management     X  
Personal Financial Planning X X X  
Petroleum Engineering X X    
Philosophy X X    
Physical Therapy       X
Physician Assistant Studies       X
Physics X X    
Photography (Fine Arts)   X    
Political Science X X    
Polymers and Materials   X    
Portuguese   X    
Pre-Dentistry       X
Pre-Engineering       X
Pre-Law     X X
Pre-Medicine       X
Pre-Nursing       X
Pre-Optometry       X
Pre-Pharmacy       X
Pre-Professional Health     X  
Pre-Professional Health Career (specialization within the general business major [pre-medicine only] and the nutrition major)     X  
Print Media     X  
Professional Communication     X  
Project Management     X  
Psychology X X    
Public Relations X X    
Public Relations/Marketing     X  
Ranch Management     X  
Range Conservation     X  
Real Estate     X  
Religion Studies   X    
Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management X X    
Retail Management X X    
Russian   X    
Russian Language and Area Studies X X    
Sales     X  
Secondary Education   X    
Social Work X X    
Sociology X X    
Spanish X X    
Special Education     X  
Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences       X
Sport Studies     X  
Studies in Personal Finance   X X  
Studio Art   X X  
Teacher Certification     X  
Technical Communication X X X  
Telecommunications/Networking     X  
Theatre Arts X X    
Theatre Arts – Acting   X    
Theatre Arts – Design   X    
Turfgrass Science     X  
University Studies X      
Visual Communications     X  
Visual Studies (Art Education)     X  
Viticulture and Ecology     X  
Web Application Design     X  
Wildlife Biology     X  
Wind Energy X X    
Women's Studies   X    
Zoology X X    

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