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Frequently Asked Advising Questions

Prospective Student Questions 

1. I want to meet with an advisor to discuss a major change? We are always happy to help prospective students. All students wanted to discuss a major change must schedule an appointment via Strive. If you have any questions please view the Advising Contact page for more information about your academic advisors.

2. How do I schedule an appointment if I am not a current Texas Tech Student? Please contact our Advising Office and we will be happy to set-up an appointment for you.

3.  Where can I find more information about the University Studies and Applied Leadership programs? Please visit the BAAS page and/or the official TTU Academic Catalog for more information.  

New Student Questions

1. I'm admitted- now what do I do? If you have not already done so, you should activate your TTU eRaider account and TTU email address. Please register for a Red Raider Orientation (RRO) session- this is mandatory for all new admits. We'll see you at your orientation session!

2. When can I register for classes? New Lubbock campus students may register after completing their RRO session. You will have the opportunity to meet with an advisor and receive course advising during your RRO session.

3. I'm admitted- now what do I do? (Online University Studies Students) First, you should activate your TTU eRaider account and TTU email address. Once you have access to these, please send a message to your advisor from your TTU email address with your full name, R# and eRaider ID. Please make the subject of your email: "New Student Orientation". Once this is received, you will be enrolled in a blackboard course for your new student orientation. Directions will be given to you upon successful completion of your orientation.

4. When can I register for classes? (Online University Studies Students) New online University Studies students may register once they have received a degree plan from their advisor. Advising appointments may be completed by phone or through email. Please schedule your advising appointment via GradesFirst

Current Student Questions 

1. When is my registration date? You can view your Registration date by logging into Raiderlink, navigating to the TTU MyTech tab, selecting Registration (under Manage My Enrollment) and then selecting Registration Status (Dates & Holds). 

2. How do I register for courses? Please use your www.raiderlink.ttu.edu portal to register for courses. Under the TTU MyTech tab, you can select Registration and then select Add or Drop Classes. 

3. Why do I have an advising hold? All BUS & BAAS students must receive course advising before registering for courses. Several reminder emails will be sent out during throughout the course of the year following the academic calendar. Please schedule an appointment with your advisor via GradesFirst. We want to make sure you have the latest and most up-to-date degree plan.

4. But I have already completed advising- why do I still have a hold? If you already completed advising but you still have a hold, we apologize. Please send your advisor an email with your full name and R# so that we can remove your hold. Please make the subject of your email "Time Ticket" to ensure a quick reply. (If you are a former Tech student and need a time ticket. We can only issue you one when you have a degree plan on file. You will need to schedule an advising appointment. If you are a new student, you will not have a time ticket until you receive advising).

5. I receive an error when trying to register for a course- what should I do? Send an email with your full name and R# to your advisor, the course generating the error, and a copy of the error text. Please make the subject of your email "Registration Error" to ensure a quick reply. 

8. The course I want is full- what should I do? Don't panic! It's very common for students to add and drop frequently throughout the registration period, so you'll probably find that seats will open up periodically and you may be able to register later. Keep an eye on the course listings to see if any seats open up. In the meantime, it's wise to select and register for a backup course that would be an acceptable replacement should you not be able to register for the course you originally wanted. 

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