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Texas Tech University's Bachelor Arts/Science of University Studies (BUS) is not a one-size-fits-all degree program. The course work used to build the concentration areas are as dynamic and versatile as our students' futures. BUS students have unique careers in mind and need a program of study that allows students flexibility in choosing three distinct areas of study from any of Texas Tech's academic colleges, which is normally unavailable as a combination of courses in other existing degree programs. Only a major in University Studies will allow students to study three concentrations as a unit.

This major is made up of 120 hours with 44 hours being core curriculum requirements (basic), 10 hours of electives, 18 hours for each of your three concentrations (total of 54 hours) and 12 hours of Integrative Studies courses.

The choice is yours; the BUS can prepare you for whatever career you purse.

What is Integrative Studies?

It is an approach to solving complex problems, and addressing contemporary social issues from multiple perspectives. It allows you to ask questions that lead you to unique answers. Students will develop the intellectual tools needed to build bridges across fields and apply their skills, innovations and knowledge in various settings. Below are just some of the topics covered in our Integrative Studies courses.

This list is by no means comprehensive but is designed to highlight some of the more important concepts and skills taught in each Integrative Studies course.

INTS 3330- Global Perspectives

This course emphasizes interdisciplinary problem solving through critical, analytical, and integrative approaches to the study of general issues and trends facing the contemporary world.

INTS 3350- Team Leadership in Interdisciplinary Problems

Students will utilize critical, analytical and integrative approaches to interdisciplinary problem solving while emphasizing the practices of effective interdisciplinary leadership and teamwork.

INTS 4320- Internship in Integrative Studies

This is a supervised internship in a professional workplace setting. Students will apply their research skills and integrative knowledge to a workplace problem.


What can I do with this major?

Recent surveys of our graduates from the last five years tell us our students are working in the fields of business, banking, education, engineering, IT, lead, medical and other industries. Our students go on to become credit analysts, account executives, financial advisors, classroom teachers, field engineers, IT analysts, software supporters, legal secretaries, medical assistants, pharmacy technicians, and news anchors.

Where could you go with this major?

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