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Dear Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alumni of University Studies, 

Portrait of Dr. Marcus Tanner Thank you for taking the time to open this Spring 2022 edition of the Integrative Edge and thank you for being a part of the University Studies family! We could not do all that we do without all of you, students, alumni, parents, and friends of the program. 

I recognize, while we appear to be coming out of the worst of COVID and the pandemic is shifting to an endemic, the effects of all we experienced over the past two years are yet to be revealed. I am very thankful for our great team of faculty, staff and advisors who have worked very hard to maintain the great work we do at University Studies with very few interruptions to students.   

I want to remind you of our mission, “To develop diverse and highly skilled, civically minded lifelong learners that will be globally engaged to solve complex problems”. Our Banner Bearer for this commencement is Samantha Pilch. I hope you'll take a moment to read her story. She exemplifies many of the qualities we are working to develop in graduates of our program. For example, she plans to continue her public service after graduation, specifically volunteering with emergency disaster response organizations! Bradley Bawcum is a current student who is an example of the kind of person we are trying to develop. Bradley serves as a Fire Marshall and is applying his education to solve complex problems. 

We could not successfully operate our mission without faculty who have lived experiences that exude interdisciplinarity. We are adding a new feature to our newsletter this term where will highlight one of our faculty members. Dr. Snyder-Rivas teaches courses in Integrative Studies. She shares a little about her lived experience and relevance to interdisciplinarity and integrative learning.  I encourage you to read her feature in this edition of our newsletter.       

A few briefs: 

-          Added Institutional Advancement endeavors that have awarded scholarships to University Studies students. 

-          Created and inducted student awards: Learn more about our awards, nominate someone or yourself, visit our website

-         We continue rank in the top ten of all Texas Tech University undergraduate majors. 

We also welcome Rachel Bloodworth to our team.  She serves as the Assistant Director of Recruiting and Development. If you want to keep up with what's happening with University Studies, make sure to follow us on all socials @ustudiesttu

Thank you for being a part of our program and giving back to us!

Dr. Marcus N. Tanner, Ph.D. 

Director of Academic Programs - University Studies

Portrait of Dr. Linley Snyder-Rivas

Spring 2022 Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Linley Snyder-Rivas

Spring 2022 Banner Bearer

Samantha Pilch

Portrait of Samantha Pilch

 Portrait of Bradley Bawcum and Family

Spring 2022 Student Spotlight

Bradley Bawcum

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