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Academic Programs

University Studies provides an excellent environment for furthering your studies. There are 23 faculty members, with research specialties across the entire spectrum of art, science, and leadership. University Studies offers 2 bachelor's degree programs and 4 minors. Students can take advantage of the variety and flexibility of these different types of programs, to effectively enhance their knowledge and skills.

I. Bachelor's Degree Programs:

You can read a brief of these programs in the University Studies Brochure.

1. Bachelor of Arts or Science in University Studies (BUS)

BUS allows students to choose three distinct areas of study that exist as separate programs within the university. Each area is referred to as a "concentration" and are normally unavailable as a combination of courses in an existing degree program.

Texas Tech University's Bachelor of Arts in University Studies and Bachelor of Science in University Studies are customizable interdisciplinary degree programs. There is no one-size-fits-all here. BUS students have unique careers in mind and need a program of study that allows them flexibility in choosing three distinct areas of study from any of Texas Tech's academic colleges. Only a major in University Studies will allow students to fully explore and integrate three customizable areas of study.

Coursework in the B.A. or B.S. degrees must total 120 semester hours. Prerequisites for courses selected in the areas of concentration must be completed and, depending on the concentration, may not count toward the 18-hour minimum per area of concentration. A total of 40 upper-division hours is required for the degree. 

BUS Brochure

2. Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences in Applied Leadership(BAAS)

Students seeking the 120-hour Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (B.A.A.S.) degree must first obtain an applied associates degree from an approved institution. This degree program allows students who have earned an Associate of Applied Arts or Applied Sciences from a 2-year institution to complete a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Applied Leadership with two additional years of study (minimum 63 student credit hours). The degree is not open to Texas Tech students seeking to change majors.


BAAS Brochure

II. Minors:

A Texas Tech student of any major can increase their knowledge and chances of employment in industries and academic institutions by taking one of 4 minors in University Studies. 

1.Human Resource Development (HRDV)

HRDV curriculum focuses on the skills and knowledge necessary for interacting with people in various work settings. The courses in the program draw on theory from the social and behavioral sciences as well as organizational leadership. HRDV courses are designed to help students understand and address issues confronting both individuals and organizations. Coursework focuses on workplace topics such as human relations and communication, training and development, staffing skills and strategies, and leadership within the workplace.

2. Integrative Studies (INTS)

INTS is an approach to answering questions, solving problems, and addressing contemporary social issues from multiple perspectives. Integrative Studies students develop the intellectual tools needed to build bridges across academic disciplines and apply their skills, innovations, and knowledge in various academic and practical settings. In core classes, students develop portfolio artifacts that showcase their individual skills, interests, and talents. This portfolio and the applied learning experience provide each student with valuable resources for flexible, individualized career planning and development.

3. Mexican American & Latina/o Studies

A dynamic interdisciplinary course of study based in the humanities, social sciences, arts, and evolution of ethnic studies. The Mexican American and Latina/o Studies minor offers a unique curricular structure through which to examine one of the predominant ethnic groups in the American Southwest, and the fastest-growing nationally.

4. Legal Studies

The interdisciplinary minor in Legal Studies formally guides and encourages the exploration of law and its influence in society. The curriculum blends challenging course options in students' home disciplines with relevant interdisciplinary electives to facilitate an interest in and an appreciation for the beneficial application of theory and research through the vehicle of law.