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Human Resource Development

The Human Resource Development (HRDV) curriculum focuses on the skills and knowledge necessary for interacting with people in various work settings. The courses in the program draw on theory from the social and behavioral sciences as well as organizational leadership. HRDV courses are designed to help students understand and address issues confronting both individuals and organizations. Coursework focuses on workplace topics such as human relations and communication, training and development, staffing skills and strategies, and leadership within the workplace.

What can I do with an Education in Human Resource Development?

While this background is ideal for anyone pursuing a career in human resources, the skills you will acquire through this program are valuable in any professional field.

Some Possible Careers and Employers

Arbitrator/Mediator Healthcare Organizations
Compensation and Benefits Specialist Law Firms
Consultant Retail Chains
Employee Relations Representation Staffing Agencies
E-Learning Specialist Government Agencies
HR Generalist Financial Institutions
HR Strategy Advisor Educational Institutions
Instructional Designer Consulting Firms
Labor Relations Manufacturing Firms
Occupational Analyst Sports Commissions
Policy Development Hotels and Restaurants
Recruiting and Job Placement Specialist Business Training Facilities
Training and Development Specialist Community Agencies

How to Declare HRDV?

HRDV as a Concentration-Students interested in pursuing a degree in University Studies with an area of concentration in HRDV must complete all of the degree requirements for the chosen degree. You must complete a minimum of 18 hours from the list of HRDV courses. Please see your academic advisor for more information.

TTU Academic Catalog for HRDV as a Concentration 

HRDV as a Minor- A minor is an optional academic program that a student may pursue, while a currently enrolled undergraduate student. Students may seek a minor in HRDV by taking 18 hours of HRDV courses approved by your Advisor.

The required courses for HRDV minor are HRDV: 2301, 3301, and 3303. The remaining 9 hours can be selected from any HRDV classes.  Please contact the University Studies Advising Team for more information about completing an area in Human Resources Development.

TTU Academic Catalog for HRDV as a Minor 

Please contact the University Studies Advising Team for more information about completing an area in Human Resources Development.