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Texas Tech University's University Programs & Student Success champions the institution's work to continually improve its efforts that support student success. Even more, we provide peer coaching, tutoring, supplemental instruction, academic advising, and academic counseling.

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What do we do?

UPSS creates and supports an academic environment that maximizes the opportunity for all members of the university community to pursue and possess academic and professional success.


Set goals and get guidance for achieving them.


We help students (period).


We develop new and exciting academic programs.

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Preparing for Healthcare

Work in Healthcare

Are you ready to work as a healthcare professional? We can help you find the right path.

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Becoming a Leader in Uniform


Learn to lead, grow, and serve as part of Air Force or Army ROTC.

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Getting Coached Up

Success Takes Practice

STP is Life Coaching at TTU. 5 Characteristics: Student-Centric. High Intensity. High Accountability. High Frequency. Action-Oriented.

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Transforming Culture

Women's & Gender Studies

This field of study is helping to change the lives and futures of all people, regardless of gender.

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Getting Ready for Success

Enroll in Raider Ready

Learn the ins and outs of the university, while gaining skills required for college success.

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Academic warning, Academic probation, Academic Suspension

Programs for Academic Development & Retention

PADR supports students in returning to an academic Good Standing.

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Achieving College-Level Readiness

Texas Success Initiative

Assists students to develop college-level readiness in Mathematics, Reading, and Writing.

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Studying for Success

Learning Center

Students find individual tutoring and academic skills coaching in the Learning Center.

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Getting Help in Class

Supplemental Instruction

Attend review sessions led by previously successful students employed by TTU to attend your classes.

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Studying the Law

Minor in Legal Studies

This interdisciplinary minor integrates core curriculum classes across all academic colleges to better prepare students for law school and/or careers in the legal field.

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Embracing Latin@ Culture

Minor in Mexican-American & Latin@ Studies

This interdisciplinary minor is taught in English by Mexican-American faculty and includes heritage-focused coursework in humanities, social sciences, and ethnic studies.

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Solving Complex Problems

Bachelor of University Studies

This interdisciplinary degree guides students to integrate of skills, coursework, and other experiences; we invest in students' capacities for the complex problem-solving required for holistic, sustainable success.

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Utilizing Life Experience

Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences in Applied Leadership

This degree allows students who have earned an Associate of Applied Arts or Applied Sciences from a 2-year institution to complete a degree with two additional years of study.

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