Texas Tech University

TTU Strategies for Student Success

Improvements in student retention require the institution's concerted focus on a robust view of student success. Texas Tech's success efforts can be found in virtually everything the institution does to improve and enhance its students' experiences. No element in the institution is devoid of an opportunity to contribute positively as each student learns more about themselves and the world; as these opportunities are embraced, students are more likely to be prepared for beneficially impacting each of the many daily moments in which these two intersect. The answer to facilitating student success and achieving institutional outcomes is found where programs and services thoughtfully and fully engage each student, in each phase of the student life cycle.

From recruitment, acceptance, and orientation; in academic advising interactions, scheduling, registration, and handling financial matters; with housing, parking, commuting, computing, organizations, service, health, and wellness; through every curricular element and co-curricular teaching/learning opportunity; to commencement, research, career, leadership, and giving back as an involved alum: student success programs do more than support the acquisition of skills and knowledge.

To enable each student's development, quality student success programs purposefully weave these strands together. Students become more equipped and empowered to grow individually while being encouraged to appreciate and enrich the complex tapestry of the community. The enhanced community provides an educational environment that is stronger, healthier, more resilient, and more fit to foster intellectual curiosity and creativity. This, in turn, accelerates the emergence and enhancement of success-rich experiences that engage every student. Moreover, successful programs pursue a design intent on growing the institution's capacity to sustainably perpetuate success with larger and increasingly diverse student populations.


In partial response to the March 21, 2019 Executive Order on Improving Free Inquiry, Transparency, and Accountability at Colleges and Universities, what follows is a consolidated listing of Texas Tech's efforts to promote students' timely and affordable completion of a postsecondary program of study.