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Fitness Challenge

2018 Faculty/Staff Fitness Challenge


The purpose of the Texas Tech Faculty & Staff Fitness Challenge is to support, motivate, inform, and encourage our campus community to be active, eat well, and be fit.


Registration Starts: January 15

Challenge Starts: January 22

Create a team

Official team members must be full time, part time and graduate student TTU employees who are benefits eligible. Your teammates do not have to be in your department. Sorry, undergraduate student assistants are not eligible to participate. Get your team of 2 - 6 TTU employees together. Choose a captain. Team will register in 1 of 3 participation levels depending on their fitness goals:


To create your account and join the fun follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Go to the URL ttu.fitthumb.com

Step 2: Click on the "+ Need an account? create one here" link.

Step 3: Follow the guided set-up process and join the fun!

As you build your team, keep in mind that not all members of your team may be at the same level of fitness or have the same fitness goals. If you cannot find a team that is appropriate for your level of fitness, contact Kami Waden to assist you in finding a team.

Team Categories

Each team will need to choose with level to participate in. The entire team will be challenged to complete the minimum number of minutes for each level.

Raider Rookie: Complete 150 minutes of activity each week per person.

Raider Power: Complete 270 minutes of activity each week per person.

Raider Warrior: Complete 360 minutes of activity each week per person.

The team captain will choose the level to compete at when they create the team online at ttu.fitthumb.com

Weekly Results - Team must be eligible by completing total minutes level

One team that qualifies weekly will be selected at random for the weekly reward.

Week 1:All Teams that Qualified

Raider Rookie: Insert Clever Name Here

Raider Power: Thinning the Herd

Raider Warrior: Metal Health.

Congrats to all of the teams that qualified for week 1!

Week 2:All Teams that Qualified

Raider Rookie: BeYOUtys

Raider Power: Bawl So Hard

Raider Warrior: Organic BS Squad

Congrats to all of the teams that qualified for week 2!

Week 3:All Teams that Qualified

Raider Rookie: Tumbleweeds

Raider Power: Down-a-ton Abbey

Raider Warrior: Thighsman Trophies

Congrats to all of the teams that qualified for week 3!

Week 4:All Teams that Qualified

Raider Rookie: PLatonic Forms

Raider Power: Thick and Tired

Raider Warrior: Biotic Women

Congrats to all of the teams that qualified for week 4!

Week 5:All Teams that Qualified

Raider Rookie: Cloudy With a Chance of Muscles

Raider Power: Stronger Things

Raider Warrior: Simba Told Me To Mufasa

Congrats to all of the teams that qualified for week 5!

Week 6:All Teams that Qualified

Raider Rookie: Fit4Tacos

Raider Power: HIIT to TOP

Raider Warrior: All Raider Warrior Teams have already won a weekly drawing

Congrats to all of the teams that qualified for week 6!

Week 8:All Teams that Qualified

Raider Rookie: Burn to Earn Chimy's

Raider Power: Game of Tones

Raider Warrior: All Raider Warrior Teams have already won a weekly drawing

Congrats to all of the teams that qualified for week 8!

What Activities Can Be Counted?

The purpose of this program is to increase your daily activity level. This should be intentional and outside the scope of your normal activity. Walking to the restroom or to another office should not be counted; walking for 15 minutes of your lunchtime should be counted. Activity should be done at least at a moderate level. A simple way of determining this is the talk test—you should be able to talk in short bouts but not able to carry on a casual conversation or sing. Review this PDF for more explanation.

Find your support

Join the TTU Challenge Facebook Group! This is a closed group on Facebook only for participants! Click here to add yourself to the group.

By joining the TTU Faculty & Staff Fitness Challenge you will have the support and encouragement of your team while you participate in physical activity. Individuals report minutes of activity separately but the team must meet the weekly goal to be eligible for weekly rewards. Teams will compete for rewards and build TTU Community spirit! The most creative name will also win a reward.

Team Goals

  • To enjoy physical activity and healthy food choices with co-workers or by yourself.
  • To record your progress in your minutes log.
  • To encourage others to lead a balanced life, have fun and "Strive For Honor" in reporting minutes accurately.

Activity Opportunities

Check back later for more info.

For More Information

If you have any additional questions, please email kami.waden@ttu.edu.

Motivational Video

Changing Lanes - The Tony Blake Story

Walking and Running Trails on Campus

Public Art Walk Maps

Rewards Program

Keeping the purpose of the challenge in mind, which is to encourage and motivate our campus community to increase their current level of activity, the Rewards Program is designed to support the purpose.

Rewards for Spring 2018 will be Announced soon!

Making Smart Choices with Food

Check out TTU Hospitalities Smart Choices Wellness Videos!

Learn more about healthy eating choices with the Smart Choices Blog!

Website of the Week

2018 Sponsoring Departments and Areas

Special thanks to these Texas Tech departments and areas helping to make the 2018 TTU Fitness Challenge a success!

  • Hospitality Services
  • Recreational Sports
  • Student Union and Activities
  • Texas Tech University Office of the President
  • University Student Housing
  • Transportation and Parking Services
  • Texas Tech University Human Resources Student
  • United Health Care Services

Past Results

2017 Final Results

Final Results

Category Total minutes Participants Teams
Raider Rookie 357,263 331 74
Raider Power 261,902 179 39
Raider Warrior 117,933 43 11
Total 737,158 558 124

Most Creative Name

Winners receive a healthy lunch from Chef Dewey and Mindy Diller, RD

Top 5

  • Residence Life Cardionators
  • Scrambled Legs
  • Victorious Secret
  • Sweat Is Just Fat Crying
  • UnFatUWeighted
  • Wishful Shrinking


Wishful Shrinking

Great Fitness Reward

There were 53 teams that made their weekly goals 7 of the 8 weeks. Check the list here. They are receiving a FitBIt Charge HR

The winner is:

The Fitness Challenged

  • Heather Vaughn
  • Jennifer Chavira
  • Brittney Moore
  • Sandra Gallegos

The Grand Fitness Reward

The top team in each division was put in a random draw. They will receive a summer membership to the Rec Center.

Raider Rookie: OGC aka Our Gut Check

  • Rick Etie
  • Clarissa Ojeda
  • Debbie Etie
  • Candace Norrod

Raider Power: Thighsman Trophy

  • Sean McCarthy
  • Nikki Kaplan
  • Rickie Alvarez
  • Megan Graham
  • Jena Broyles
  • Melaine Mudukuti

Raider Warrior: Matador Muscle

  • Todd Little
  • Jianlan Wang
  • Marcelo Schmidt
  • Dan Carpenter
  • Glen Mullins
  • Jerry Dwyer

The winner is:

Thighsman Trophy

2016 Results and Fitness Challenge Winners

Great Reward Teams and Winner

Grand Reward Teams and Winner

Best Team Name

Statistics: For the entire 2016 challenge there were 99 teams that included 347 participants. 646,339 minutes were recorded which equals 1.23 years!

Congratulations for a great team effort.

Special thanks to:

  • TTU Hospitality Services
  • The United Supermarket Arena and the SUB
  • TTU Human Resources
  • United Health Care
  • Recreational Sports
  • Finance and Administration
  • The TTUHSC Garrison Institute on Aging
  • The President's Office
  • Barnes and Noble
  • TTU Athletics

Health Select Health and Wellness Resource Calendar

2016 Resource Calendar

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