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The Future of Veterinary Medicine Has Arrived

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Our School of Veterinary Medicine has a simple and unshakable purpose:

  • Serve the veterinary needs of rural and regional communities
  • Provide access to affordable, world-class veterinary education

To achieve this purpose, our School is implementing a bold and innovative approach to veterinary education built on three intentional strategies:

  • Recruit and preferentially admit students with life experiences rooted in rural and regional communities
  • Deliver a curriculum designed for the veterinary needs of rural and regional communities
  • Provide exceptional real-world, hands-on experiential learning in rural and regional communities

We are committed. Our School is walking the walk. Two-thirds of our students come from a rural, agricultural or sparsely populated community. All students have deep life experiences in rural and regional communities of Texas and New Mexico. They are the future of veterinary medicine.

Talented, Purpose-Driven Faculty

A talented and dedicated team of approximately 100 faculty and staff support our students. They are here to help the students succeed. Our faculty possess the subject-matter expertise needed to deliver our purpose-driven curriculum.

World-Class Facilities

When people come together as a team, they can achieve great things. Making the School of Veterinary Medicine possible required a truly unified and invested team. Individuals and communities rallied around a clear vision of what could be. They stepped up and provided $90 million to build our world-class facilities. These facilities are second to none, and enable effective and efficient delivery of our curriculum.

Be Bold

A bold vision requires bold partners. Philanthropy empowers excellence, it fundamentally transforms the lives of students, and it helps us achieve the highest ideals articulated in our purpose. Philanthropy helps us shape the future of veterinary medicine.  

Join us on our historic trailblazing journey. Together we will revolutionize veterinary medical education. Come and visit our School and meet our incredible students, staff, and faculty. One of our students might end up being your veterinarian in the future!  

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