Texas Tech University

Arlene Garcia, PhD

Assistant Professor, Behavior and Welfare

About Me

Dr. Arlene Garcia-Marquez is a Presidio, Texas, native with a research focus in animal behavior and welfare. She is a PAACO certified multi-species animal welfare auditor, a licensed veterinary technician, and animal welfare consultant for various industry groups.


Her teaching focuses on farm animal stress, behavior and welfare, and Spanish for Specific Purposes in Agriculture.


Her area of research is focused on management of compromised livestock and timely euthanasia. She has also done extensive pig transportation research, that has helped develop national guidelines and continues to work on finding innovative ways to reduce transport stress. Her research goals are to continue to improve animal welfare by addressing commercial needs and developing programs that educate caretakers on the relevance of humane handing and welfare.


Dr. Garcia has vast experience in animal welfare auditing standards to prepare local producers for third party audits. She is the Texas Tech University (TTU) president elect for the Latino Hispanic Faculty and Staff Association, a co-chair for the Animal Behavior and Well-being Program for the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS), and a member of the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee for ASAS. Dr. Garcia provides service to other areas at her home institution, as well as for industry.