Texas Tech University

Jonathan Thompson, M.S., Ph.D.

Assistant Dean and Associate Professor

About Me

Jon Thompson is an Assistant Dean and Associate Professor of Analytical Chemistry. He grew up in Allentown, PA prior to moving to the Tampa, FL area to complete high school. Jon's education took him to southern Alabama and then the University of Florida to complete graduate school (both M.S. and Ph.D.).

Jon has served on the faculty of Tulane University, the University of Nebraska, and Texas Tech since 2008. Prior to his role in the SVM, he was an Associate Professor in Tech's Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. Jon has mentored numerous graduate students and contributed over 50 scientific papers to the peer-reviewed literature.


Jon's instructional focus is on toxicology, pharmacology, chemical analysis, and One Health – the concept that animal, human and ecosystem health are interconnected.


Jon's research activities focus on development of advanced sensors and sensing networks to monitor animal exposure, physiology & herd health. In addition, Thompson studies the distribution of both small and large biomolecules within tissues in support of the SVM research mission.


Jon has served as an officer for the South Plains section of the American Chemical Society, and as a peer-reviewer for a variety of academic journals.