Texas Tech University

Clinical Year Curriculum

vets around a calf

The clinical year program is 52 weeks in length and consists of 24 weeks of core curriculum, 24 weeks of elective curriculum, and 4 weeks of vacation.

Core Curriculum

The core curriculum rotations consist of:

  • 1 week of clinical year orientation
  • 4 weeks of food animal medicine and surgery
  • 4 weeks of equine medicine and surgery
  • 4 weeks of small animal medicine and surgery
  • 2 weeks of Diagnostic Pathology (anatomic, clinical, laboratory)
  • 2 weeks of Diagnostic Imaging
  • 3 weeks of clinical reasoning and assessment
  • 4 weeks of preparation and administration of the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam (NAVLE).

Elective Curriculum

The elective curriculum rotations consist of; a choice of one of 5 areas of elective emphasis. They are:

  • Production Animal Health
  • One Health (public, global health and regulatory veterinary medicine)
  • Equine Health
  • Academic and Industry
  • Community Practice

Within each area of elective emphasis students will take primary selectives, a choice of secondary selectives, and optional open selectives that allow students to broaden their veterinary experience.