Texas Tech University

Curriculum Digest

Year 1 | Semester 1

Year 1 Foundational Course* or Integrative Course* 1st Semester Courses Credits
Fall Semester
DVM 5200 Foundational Introduction to Animal Care & Industries 2
DVM 5430 Foundational Veterinary Anatomy Ia 4
DVM 5210 Integrative Clinical and Professional skills Ia 2
DVM 5240 Integrative Prof and professionalism 2
DVM 5120 Integrative Clinical Presentations Ia 1
DVM 5281 Foundational Animal Behavior and Welfare 2
DVM 5251 Foundational Immunology 2
DVM 5271 Foundational Virology 2
DVM 5190 Integrative Intro to Research and Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine 1
DVM 5330 Foundational Veterinary Physiology Ia 3
Total 21

*Foundational Programming: Focuses on the principles of the scientific disciplines that underpin comparative medicine, biomedical sciences, clinical sciences, and population health.

*Integrative Programming: Focuses on the application, integration, and relevance of the foundational programming through clinical case presentations, clinical and professional skills, and professional coursework.