Texas Tech University

Office of Academic Affairs Open Door Policy

  • The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for admissions, recruitment, retention, securing financial services, records, tracking of outcome data, providing academic support, and counseling for veterinary medical students. In addition, the Office is a center of campus life and oversees all student activities, student government functions, student clubs, the student representative program, and all other non-academic student-life issues. The Office of Academic Affairs is overseen by the Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs and is housed on the first floor of the SVM Building near the main classrooms.
  • The Office is committed to creating an environment that is conducive to learning so that all students fully reach their academic potential. The Office works closely with various school and university committees to create an environment that facilitates student learning. The Office has an open-door policy and students are encouraged to come by the Office at any time of the day to ask questions, bring up concerns, or to simply stop in and say hello. The Office will provide students with information on parking, housing, events, etc.
  • The SVM maintains an open-door policy. All faculty, advisors, and administrators are available for advice and counsel. The input and opinion of the student is important. There will be regular meetings with the faculty advisor; however, the student may meet with his/her advisor as needed during the semester. Appointments are recommended, but not required. Appointments can be made by contacting the faculty member. Any student who feels that they have a question or request that has not been addressed should see the Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs. Like the faculty, the Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs has an open-door policy.