Texas Tech University

Extended Absence Statement

Excused student absences, for any reason, for ≥30 consecutive weekdays or 30 percent (30%) of any course, whichever is less, during the pre-clinical professional program will constitute either the student to be recessed or withdrawn from the program. The student must petition to be recessed or they will be withdrawn from the program and will need to submit documentation for readmission. Petition to be recessed does not guarantee that the student will be recessed. The documentation will be reviewed by the Continuation of Study Committee (COS) with a recommendation for action to the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs (ADASA) and the Dean.

Excused absences resulting in the student missing a substantial amount of course material, but less than 30 consecutive academic weekdays or less than 30 percent of any course will be handled by the ADASA. Extended absences for the clinical year program will be handled through the Office of Clinical Programs. Please refer to the Clinical Year Handbook for more information.