Texas Tech University

Pre-Clinical Class Attendance Statement

PURPOSE: The Texas Tech University: School of Veterinary Medicine is considered a professional academic program. The following outlines SVM students' pre-clicnical attendance expectations.


REVIEW: This SVM Policy shall be reviewed every odd-numbered year by the SVM Dean's Executive Leadership Council. Revisions will be forwarded to the Office of the Dean for approval and publication


  • Course attendance, participation and engagement exemplify a commitment to professionalism and the embodiment of the TTU SVM Student Honor Statement and Core Values. As such, the SVM expects students to attend class.
  • Attendance is mandatory for all laboratory sessions, the Clinical and Professional Skills course, all course examinations, and other activities (e.g., guest speakers, field trips, etc.) deemed as such by the Instructor of Record (IoR). Please refer to each course syllabus for a detailed attendance policy.
  • Students, whether they are present or not, are responsible for all materials and assignments from all scheduled curricular activities. IoRs are not responsible for distributing additional materials, creating additional resources, or reviewing missed content. In every case, it is the student's responsibility to initiate contact with the instructor of record and make the necessary arrangements in agreement with the Pre-Clinical Class Attendance Policy.
  • A student may seek attendance in an alternative laboratory section, per the course syllabus and IoR, to avoid an absence of an individual laboratory session. Make up sessions for excused laboratory absences may be provided at the discretion of the IoR via special sessions or during other regularly scheduled laboratories.

Note: Clinical rotation attendance will be addressed in the Clinical Year Handbook.