Texas Tech University

Vaccination Requirements

  • Students matriculating to the TTU SVM must provide proof of immunizations via a Med+Proctor account prior to starting their first year at TTU SVM. Required vaccines include those required by TTU in addition to those required by the Texas Department of State Health Services for veterinary students. Failure to provide proof of a protective rabies titer or vaccine exemption will result in the student NOT being able to participate in live animal experiences and may result in final grade repercussions, potentially leading to course failure, including exclusion from clinical rotations or dismissal from the program. Vaccine exemption may be granted for vaccinations and should be uploaded to your Med+Proctor account and NOT sent to Texas Tech University Student Health Services. Vaccine Exemption Affidavit forms are available from the Texas Department of State Health Services. This is the only acceptable documentation for this exemption, and this process takes a significant amount of time.

School of Veterinary Medicine