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The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Council on Education (COE) is the accreditor of veterinary medical programs.

The School of Veterinary Medicine was granted a Letter of Reasonable Assurance from the AVMA COE on September 16, 2020 enabling the School to officially accept veterinary student applications, which will occur through The Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service (TMDSAS).

When we accept the first student, we will be placed on Provisional Accreditation status by the AVMA COE. We will be accredited, albeit provisionally, at that point. We will remain on Provisional Accreditation until we are near graduating the first class in 2025 at which time we anticipate receiving Full Accreditation status based on AVMA COE evaluation. Students graduating from a school or college with provisional accreditation are afforded all the privileges of students from fully accredited programs.

School of Veterinary Medicine