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Admissions Overview

The admissions process is designed to help achieve our purpose and mission of supporting the veterinary educational and service needs of rural and regional communities.

Admissions is overseen by the School of Veterinary Medicine's Admissions Committee which consists of School faculty, staff, students, and practicing veterinarians. The School admits students who are residents of Texas or New Mexico. The Committee uses a framework to holistically balance each candidate's life experiences, personal attributes, and academic metrics to select students that align with the School's purpose and mission.  

In particular, the Committee focuses on each applicant's life experiences and personal attributes with activities supporting rural and regional communities. For example, applicants must demonstrate agricultural, animal, or veterinary experience in rural and regional communities. There is no minimum number of hours, but applicants should have accumulated substantial life experiences to demonstrate their understanding of these communities, their awareness of the various roles veterinarians have in rural and regional communities, thereby providing evidence supporting their interest in rural and regional veterinary medicine.

It is not necessary than an applicant originates from a rural or regional community. It is important, however, that applicants develop and demonstrate their life experiences and develop their personal attributes with these communities.

The Committee provides recommendations to the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs (ADASA) for students to admit to the program.