Texas Tech University

2023-2024 SVM Seminar Series Speakers

The School of Veterinary Medicine is pleased to host researchers and industry experts from all over the country and our very own school to share valuable insights and discoveries.

Date Speaker/Host Title/Synopsis

Speaker: Alexandra Calle, Assistant Professor of Microbiology at Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine

Host: Annelise Nguyen


Speaker: Nathaniel Hall, Associate Professor of Companion Animal Science Texas Tech University

Host: Michael Cruz Penn

Title: “Who knows what the dog's nose knows?”

Synopsis: Canine sense of smell (olfaction) is widely mischaracterized and poorly understood, leading to about as much myth as there is science. In this talk, I will talk about some of our recent projects that started to probe canine olfaction and how to optimize training. I will also discuss how canine olfaction can be applied to a wide variety of detection tasks for national security, agricultural biosecurity and conservation.


Speaker: Sean Savitz, Professor of Vascular Neurology Director of UTHealth Institute of Stroke and Cerebrovascular McGovern Medical School

Host: Heidi Villalba

Title: “Translating New Treatments for Stroke From Animals to Patients.”


Speaker: Prasanth Chelikani, Assistant Dean and Professor of Physiology Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine

Host: Annelise Nguyen

Title: “How does dietary fiber promote satiety and weight loss?”


Speaker: Dr. Suzanne Millman, Professor Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Host: Nichole Anderson

Title: TBA

Synopsis: Farm animal welfare, focusing on both teaching and data-driven decisions


Speaker: Dr. Cindy Adams, Professor University of Calgary College of Veterinary Medicine

Host: Elpida Artemiou

Title: Leading from Within: How Am I?, Who Am I?, and What is my work as a leader?


Speaker: Dr. Andy King, Associate Professor University of Utah

Host: Ryan Williams

Title: TBA

Synopsis: Strategic public health communication and antimicrobial resistance in animal agriculture