Texas Tech University

2022-2023 One Health Faculty Research Club Topics

Monthly Faculty Research Club discussions allow faculty throughout the Texas Tech University and Health Sciences Center systems to talk about research projects and develop interdisciplinary collaborations to advance scientific discovery.

Date Topic Speakers
9/1/2022 One Health

Babafela Awosile

Gizem Levent

Guy Loneragan

Tom Hale

10/6/2022 Food Sciences, Food Safety, Nutritional Sciences

Mahmoud Ahmed, PhD

Alexandra Calle

Jon Thompson

Annelise Nguyen

12/1/22 Prevention Programs, Preparedness, Response, and Management TBD
2/2/2023 Zoonotic Diseases TBD
3/2/2023 Community Research TBD
4/6/2023 Health Interventions TBD
5/4/2023 Human-Animal Interactions TBD
6/1/2023 Environment Health TBD