Texas Tech University

Faculty Molecular Mechanisms of Disease Research Focuses

Investigator Topic Involvement
Prasanth Chelikani Pathophysiological mechanisms of obesity, diabetes, and hypertension Obesity Society; American Society for Nutrition
Klementina Fon Tacer Mechanisms of evolution to protect mammalian germ cells against stress in respect to how and why these cells were co-opted in cancer Society for the Study of Reproduction; American Society for Andrology
Jason Fritzler Molecular and biochemical evaluation and elucidation of novel chemotherapeutic agents against several drug resistant pathogens American Society for Microbiology, American Association for Veterinary Parasitologists, and AAAS
Annelise Nguyen Tumorigenesis; Anticancer drug development Society of Toxicology, American Association for Cancer Research
Fernanda Rosa Explore the relationship between diet and the host-microbiota using in vitro approaches and animal models; Identify diet-associated molecular markers such as microRNAs involved in the post-transcriptional regulation of inflammatory response
Ashley Steuer Host-parasite interaction AVMA, American association of Veterinary Practitioners, American Association of Equine Practitioners, American Heartworm Society
Ebenezer Tumban Viral infectious diseases, molecular virology, virus-like particles bioengineering, vaccines & correlates of immune protection, immunizations American Society for Virology, Virus-like particle & nano-particle vaccines
Kelly Williams Depression and suicide American Foundation for Suicide Prevention