Texas Tech University

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Recognizing that systemic and structural discrimination do not exist in vacuums, the J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts commits to developing comprehensive programming promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

The Schools of Art, Music, and Theatre & Dance each house committees - made up of students, faculty, and staff - dedicated to identifying and eradicating discrimination from educational policies, practices, and curricula.  Representatives from each School's committee also volunteer to serve on a college-level committee focused on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in all that we do. The work is neither easy nor quick, but it is critical to changing patterns that serve to sustain and embolden hierarchies of privilege. 

As a community of artists and scholars, faculty and staff, students and alumni, we share a common goal of promoting diversity and inclusion by using the arts as vehicles for transformative cultural change, critical discourse, healing, and reflection. In working to achieve this goal, we are actively supporting programs and initiatives that foster and sustain diversity, equity, and inclusion within our College, on our campus, and throughout our communities. 

More information about specific programs and initiatives is available below:


Race & Social Justice in the Arts Speakers' Series