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All artists are entrepreneurs…who else can create a concert, theatre show, dance concert, art show, arts media or event on less than $10?  At the same time your creative gifts can also be your challenges until you activate your entrepreneurial spirit.

Whether you are planning a career, transitioning your future, or in the middle of an artistic pivot, the Arts Entrepreneurship program will get that plan together…step by step. Let's tap into your intuitive gifts and upgrade our world, your contributions, and your financial strength.

What Sets Us Apart

You know how creative artists have been reliant on artist agents and managers to build their careers?  Well, the Arts Entrepreneurism Certificate gives you the tools, the strategy and business acumen to be business ready to monetize your talent and enjoy being the change that you want to see in the world.  This 9- credit certificate has two required segments designed to make sure you are business ready, able to scale your business and avoid costly mistakes and be equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset, a strategic business plan and marketing toolkit.

Rather than an MBA designed to make sure you are specialized to work in a business setting, the Arts Entrepreneurship program teaches you to set up your creative activity as a business, learn how to attract sales rather than be salesy

  • Build your own online course
  • Build a Sales Funnel
  • Develop A Brand Message
  • Create Engaging Videos
  • Establish Your credibility
  • Build your digital and in person business
  • Learn how to attract clients without being salesy
  • Understand your finances without being a CEO
  • Understand marketing, budgets and business skills to outsource what you need well
  • Learn how to attract the right team
  • Business freedom and sustainability
  • Leadership and Vision as an intentional Entrepreneur
  • Build an Online Sales product, service or course


Program Highlights

  • 120 templates for HR, Budgets, Strategy and Marketing, Business Plan

  • Project Placemat

  • Creative Profit Map

  • Short Pitch Competition

  • Business Plan

  • Marketing Kit

  • Capstone Project Presentation– Going Live



Facilities & Technology


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The Hub@TTU

A range of guest speakers join us each semester from industry leaders as well as the TTU HUB



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The Arts Entrepreneurship Minor/Certificate can compliment any undergraduate degree at Texas Tech, especially students completing a fine arts or other related field of study. 

Online Learning

Courses are offered both online and in a hybrid format when possible. Some in-person presentations and meetings are required for most courses in the program.

Higher Program Offering

The Arts Entrepreneurship Minor/Certificate is recommended for students looking to compliment their degree with courses that will prepare them to be a self-starter, working with the community and non-profits, as well as reaching a wide audience to promote and sustain visibility in their field.

Students currently completing the Arts Entrepreneurship Minor/Certificate are future theatre and music practitioners looking to build on their performance skills with courses in analyzing and implementing marketing strategies and business plans to attract future clients.

Arts Entrepreneurship Faculty

Professor Kim Walker

Kim Walker





(* Required)

VPA 4315/VPA 5315 Foundation in Arts Entrepreneurship*

  • 4315 001 (CRN: 44544) - Undergraduate Certificate
  • 5315 001 ((CRN: 44543) - Graduate Certificate

VPA 4325/VPA 5325 Arts Entrepreneur Marketing Formula*

  • 4325    001 (CRN: 44785) - Undergraduate Certificate
  • 5325    001 (CRN: 44787) - Graduate Certificate


MUSI 5315 002. (CRN: 43667)

VPA 4000 – Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies in VPA

A range of admin, business, leadership or technology courses can serve as an elective 



Alumni Success & Careers

Past Graduate Accomplishments

  • Online Music publication company
  • Theatre in a Box for Schools company
  • Cowboy Hat company
  • Arts Activism Cultural Center
  • Cabaret Theatre Café
  • Arts Wellness Online Course
  • Performance Online and live intensive courses
  • Jazz Band Camp and Festival
  • Vocational Orchestra program
  • Piano Pedagogy Online certification program
  • Arts Business Consultancy with online program
  • App for Students to meet and study with teachers online
  • New Orchestra for emerging artists

Career Possibilities

  • Online courses in all creative genres
  • Visual Arts business sales
  • Educational Arts Advisory services
  • Solopreneur businesses in the arts, law, entertainment, cafes,
  • Performing arts companies
  • Performance career establishment
  • Festival leadership
  • Recording company
  • Video company
  • Arts centers


Contact your Advisor

Kathy Nordstrom
Academic Advisor