Texas Tech University

RDT Frequently Asked Questions

What criteria is required for my proposal to receive RDT support?

The RDT typically helps with proposals that have potential awards of more than $1M. Additionally, we assist with proposals that are interdisciplinary and often have multiple external partners from academia, national labs or industry. Finally, the research focus of your proposal should fall within the primary research investment areas outlined in Making it Possible. . . Strategic Plan for 2010-2020.

However, if this is your first proposal, or first at TTU, please contact us and we will discuss with you what support we can provide.

What is the process for working with RDT on a proposal?

Research teams are most successful when the proposal development process is begun well in advance of the funding announcement. The RDT would like to work with you and your colleagues as early as possible as you identify an agency/program/solicitation that you are interested in pursuing. If your proposal meets the criteria for consideration, a RDT member will meet with you to outline the needs of you and your team and propose ways that we may be able to provide assistance. Each research team and proposal is different, so our assistance and role will vary with each proposal. Let us meet with you to find out what fits you best.

What if I am a single PI that needs help reviewing and editing my proposal/budget? Can the RDT assist with this?

The OVPR currently has a network of resources available to assist individual PI's in the preparation and review of smaller proposals. We will be happy to put you in contact with this group. Additionally, the TTU Writing Center is available to assist you throughout the year in developing your overall writing skills.

I would like to participate in one of the working groups. How do I get involved?

If you wish to participate in one of the working groups, you can contact one of the RDT members for more information.

How is the RDT different from the ORS?

The RDT works with faculty to provide support for the very early stages of partnership and proposal development of multidisciplinary, team-based research. We focus strategically on capacity building awards that support the mission and goals of Making it Possible. . . Strategic Plan for 2010-2020. The RDT will also work with new faculty, or first time submitters on any proposal development.

The Office of Research Services (ORS) provides centralized administrative and management services for sponsored projects. Specifically, ORS assists in proposal submission, negotiating agreements, development of project budgets, interpreting guidelines and promoting compliance with sponsor and university policies.

How do I find out what funding opportunities are available to support my research?

Additionally, the OVPR has provided a list of various funding resources for you to utilize as well. The RDT has developed a "RADAR" that targets multi-disciplinary, center-type proposal opportunities that is shared with the deans of WCOE, CAS, CASNR, CoEd and CoHS. If you would like more information on the RADAR or would like to discuss an upcoming opportunity, please email the RDT and we will be happy to speak with you.