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Limited Submissions

What is a Limited Submission?

Many federal, state and private funding agencies issue requests for proposals that limit the number of applications they will accept from an institution. Texas Tech University has established a process to identify limited submission opportunities and internally select applicants to submit full proposals in response to a particular program. The following policy is designed to support an equitable review process while preventing any submission disqualifications due to submissions from Texas Tech University beyond the allowed number.


NOTE: A Notice of Intent (NOI) and internal proposal (if required) will be due to limitedsubs.vpr@ttu.edu by 5:00 p.m. on the deadline (TTU Notice of Intent Deadline) identified on the Limited Submission webpage. Any NOIs or internal proposals submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

NO Competition:

  1. Identify desired submission opportunity
  2. Submit NOI to RDT by TTU Notice of Intent Deadline
  3. If less NOIs submitted than required, RDT notifies PI to move forward with full proposal


  1. Identify desired submission opportunity
  2. Submit NOI to RDT by TTU Notice of Intent Deadline
  3. If more NOIs submitted than requires, RDT notifies PI of requirements and due date of documents.
  4. Peer Review Team reviews and scores internal proposal.
  5. Highest score(s) allowed to proceed to full agency proposal


Please note that you have been chosen to represent Texas Tech University. Therefore, it is your responsibility as PI to immediately notify us should your team not be able to submit the proposal within 1 month of the submission deadline. This then allows time for another team to represent TTU in submitting a proposal for this opportunity. Should your team not be in a position to fulfill the commitment and not notify VPR within the 1 month deadline, please be advised it may affect your chance in future limited submission competitions.

Internal Proposal Competition Format

Each PI will be notified of specifics for that limited submission funding opportunity; however, the internal proposal format generally includes:

  • Cover page (Title, PI/Co-PI Name(s), Department(s), email address(es), Key Participant(s)
  • 2-3 page proposal summary
  • Estimated budget (including cost sharing details if applicable) C.V.

Depending on the proposal, additional information/documents may be required. The PI will be notified of additional requirements if needed. These documents are then reviewed by an internal Peer Review Team with the highest scored proposal(s) approved to go forward to the sponsor. The names of selected PI(s) will be listed on the Limited Submissions website.


Limited Submission Not Listed on Website

The Research Development Team (RDT) identifies limited submission funding opportunities through internet searches, web services and historical opportunities. However, despite the best efforts of RDT, not every funding opportunity may be identified.

Anyone who wishes to apply to a limited submission opportunity that is not posted on the Limited Submissions webpage MUST email RDT at limitedsubs.vpr@ttu.edu with the PI's name, name of the grant competition, and link to the program announcement.

NOTE: Failure to send this email notification in a timely manner may result in disqualification of an applicant for the relevant grant competition.

Once notification is received, RDT will review the guidelines, determine if the situation warrants an NOI or pre-proposal announcement, and if so, establish appropriate internal due dates and post the announcement to the Limited Submissions webpage for competition.

Other Funding Resources

There are grants, external awards, and other opportunities available on our Funding Resources page.


Agency: CDC

Epicenters for the Prevention of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs); Cycle II Multicenter
Program Studies

TTU Notice of Intent: 1/23/2018

Agency: 3/6/2018

Only one application per institution/organization.

The estimated total funding available, including direct and indirect costs, for the entire two (2)-year project period is
$6,000,000. The number of awards will be up to three (3). Awards issued under this NOFO are contingent upon availability of funds and a sufficient number of meritorious applications.


Agency: NSF

American National Election Studies Competition (ANES)

TTU Notice of Intent: 1/23/2018

Agency: 2/21/2018
(LOI Required)

(Full Proposal)

Institutions are restricted to submitting only one proposal for this solicitation. The one proposal can be for either the ANES Face-to-Face Competition or for the ANES WEB Competition.

$11,500,000 total for two awards, pending availability of appropriations.


Agency: NSF

Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections (ADBC)

TTU Notice of Intent: 2/8/2018

Agency: 10/12/2018

Only one Thematic Collections Networks (TCN) proposal may be submitted by any one organization as the lead organization.

Estimated Number of Awards: 4 to 12

Anticipated Funding Amount: $10,000,000


Agency: Department of State – Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

FY 2018 Study of the U.S. Institutes for Secondary Educators

TTU Notice of Intent: 11/2/2017

Agency: 12/22/2017

Eligible applicants may not submit more than one proposal in this competition.

Approximate Total Funding: $3,150,000 - This figure represents the funding for the base year plus two non-competitive continuation years, pending successful performance and the availability of funds.

Approximate Number of Awards: One


Amy Boren (PI)

Agency: NSF

Major Research Instrumentation Program: (MRI) Instrument Acquisition or Development

TTU Notice of Intent: 8/31/2017

Agency: 1/10/2018

Three (3) as described below: If three proposals are submitted, at least one of the proposals must be for instrument development (i.e., no more than two proposals may be for instrument acquisition).

Estimated Number of Awards: 160

Anticipated Funding Amount: $75,000,000


Track 1:
Daan Liang & Changzi Li

Track 2:
Yehia Mechref

Agency: Department of Health and Human Services

Maternal and Child Health Bureau

Division of Services for Children with Special Health Needs

TTU Notice of Intent: 11/28/2017

Agency: 1/17/2018 

Multiple applications from an organization are not allowable.

Estimated Number and Type of Awards: Up to 51 grants

Estimated Award Amount: Up to $95,700 year 


Agency: Department of Health and Human Services

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - ERA

Reducing Disparities in Vaccination Coverage by Poverty Status Among Young Children: An Assessment of Parental Experience, Barriers, and Challenges with Accessing Quality Vaccination Services

TTU Notice of Intent: 11/27/2017

Agency: 12/18/2017 (Letter of Intent )

(Full Application)

Only one application per institution
The estimated total funds
available, including direct and indirect costs, for the entire two (2)-year project period is $600,000.

The anticipated number of awards will be one.


Agency: Department of State

Bureau of International Security-Nonproliferation

Global Nuclear Security Engagement Activities

TTU Notice of Intent: 11/30/2017

Agency: 1/19/2018 

Applicants are only allowed to submit one proposal per organization.

ISN/CTR prefers projects that cost less than $250,000 though awards may involve multiple projects that cumulatively exceed $250,000.  


Agency: NIH

The NCI Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Fellow Transition Award (F99/K00)

TTU Notice of Intent: 12/1/2017

Agency: 1/21/2018

Only one application per institution is allowed.

NCI intends to commit $1.2 M in FY 2018 to fund up to 24 awards


Agency: NIH

Diabetic Foot Consortium - Clinical Research Units (U01) 

TTU Notice of Intent: 11/9/2017

Agency: 1/23/2018

Only one application per institution is allowed.

The NIDDK intends to commit $1.5 million in FY 2018 to fund up to 10 awards. In FY 2019 to FY 2021, the NIDDK intends to commit a total of $8.25 million with additional funding anticipated for specific research protocols.


Agency: NIH

Collaborative Program Grant for Multidisciplinary Teams (RM1) (Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

TTU Notice of Intent: 11/8/2017

Agency: 1/25/2018

Only one application per institution per review cycle is allowed.

NIGMS anticipates supporting no more than 4-6 awards, corresponding to a total of $10,000,000 (total costs), for fiscal year 2019.


Agency: NSF

Partnerships for Research and Education in Materials (PREM)

TTU Notice of Intent: 11/4/2017

Agency: 1/29/2018 

Limit on Number of Proposals per Organization: 1

Estimated Number of Awards: 4 to 8

Anticipated Funding Amount: $3,000,000


Agency: CPRIT

High-Impact/High-Risk Research Awards (HIHR)

TTU Notice of Intent: 10/18/2017

Agency: 1/31/2018

Institutional limits are as follows: Texas Tech University, 10

Award: Up to $200,000 (total costs); Maximum duration: 2 years.


Changxue Xu (PI)

Jenny Qiu (PI)

Dimitri Pappas (PI)

Ya Wen Chang (PI)

Naima Moustaid-Moussa (PI)

Gregory Fernandes (PI)

Changzhi Li (PI)

Hanna Moussa (PI)

Siva Vanapalli (PI)

Agency: CPRIT

Core Facilities Support Awards

TTU Notice of Intent: 11/10/2017

Agency: 1/31/2018

An institution may submit only 1 application (1 new or 1 renewal, or 1 resubmission). An exception will be made for institutions submitting applications that support research directed toward childhood and adolescent cancer; in this case, institutions may submit 1 childhood and adolescent cancer application and 1 additional application in another aspect of cancer research.

NOTE: CPRIT has recently limited TTU and TTUHSC to only 1 application total (or 2 applications if one is directed toward childhood and adolescent cancer). Therefore, the applicant(s) allowed to submit to CPRIT will be chosen from a pool of both TTU and TTUHSC candidates.

Award: Up to $6,000,000 Maximum duration: 5 years.


Callum Hetherington (PI)

Agency: NSF

National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) Program

TTU Notice of Intent: 11/6/2017

Agency: 12/6/2017 LOI Required

Full Proposal

An eligible organization may participate in two proposals per competition.

Participation includes serving as a lead organization, non-lead organization, or sub-awardee on any proposal.

NRT Awards (10-12 anticipated in FY2018) are expected to be up to five (5) years in duration with a total budget up to $3,000,000.


Tim Dallas (PI)

Atila Etras (PI)

Agency: NCAA

NCAA Choices Alcohol Education Grant Program

TTU Notice of Intent: 10/26/2017

Agency: 2/14/2018

Limit on Number of Proposals per Organization: 1

Maximum award: $30,000


Michael O'Boyle (PI)

Agency: NSF

Program:Cultivating Cultures for Ethical STEM (CCE STEM)

TTU Notice of Intent: 6/11/2017

Agency: 2/15/2018

Only one proposal may be submitted by an eligible organization.

Estimated total annual funding amount for 6 to 8 awards is $3,150,000 - subject to the availability of funds. The maximum amount for 5-year awards is $600,000 and the maximum amount for 3-year awards is $400,000. The average award is $275,000.


Tim Dallas (PI)

Jon McNaughtan (PI)

Agency: NEA

Art Works

TTU Notice of Intent: 12/8/2017

Agency: 2/15/2018
(Submit SF-424)

(Submit Application)

An organization may submit only one application under these FY 2019 Art Works guidelines.

Grants generally will range from $10,000 to $100,000. No grant will be made below $10,000. Grants of $100,000 or more will be made only in rare instances, and only for projects that we determine demonstrate exceptional national or regional significance and impact.


Agency: Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Program:Moore Inventor Fellows

TTU Notice of Intent: 12/8/2017

Agency: 2/12/2018 (Basic Nominee Information)

(Nomination Packet)

NOTE: A 2 page paper must be submitted as the NOI. Follow the guidelines for the Statement of Invention in the nomination packet in the linked solicitation.

Also include a 2 page CV and a statement of the institution's plan to assure that the nominee has at least 25% of their time to devote to their invention and $50,000 in annual direct support of the inventor's work.

Only two are allowed.


Agency: NSF

NSF Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM)

TTU Notice of Intent: 11/15/2017

Agency: 3/28/2018

An Institution may submit one proposal (either as a single institution or as sub-awardee or a member of a Collaborative Research project) from each constituent school or college that awards degrees in an eligible field.

Estimated Number of Awards: 60 to 80

Anticipated Funding Amount: $70,000,000 to $95,000,000


Agency: Keck Foundation Grant

Research Program – Medical Research, Science and Engineering, and Undergraduate Education

TTU Notice of Intent:

Agency: 5/1/2018

*MUST state which area: Medical, Science and Engineering, or Undergraduate Education, that you are submitting to.

Applicants may submit one application per grant cycle to each of the following areas for which they are eligible: Medical Research, Science and Engineering Research, or Undergraduate Education.

For Medical Research and Science and Engineering Programs, grants range from $500,000 to $5 million. Typically $2 million or less. (Keck Foundation generally funds only basic science projects rather than applied, translational or clinical trials.)

For Undergraduate Education Program, grants range from $200,000 to $1 million. Typically $500,000 or less. (You must be able to demonstrate why your project can only be done at a large research university rather than a small liberal arts university.)


Agency: NSF

Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) in Engineering and Computer Science

TTU Notice of Intent: 11/10/2017

Agency: 9/19/2018

Limit on Number of Proposals per Organization: 3

The total anticipated funding in FY 2018, FY 2019 and FY 2020 for both Sites and Supplements is approximately $5,800,000 per year, subject to the availability of funds. It is anticipated that approximately 9 Site awards will be made per year.

No more than two of the three proposals may have an engineering focus and only one of the three proposals may have a computer and/or information science focus.


To identify other funding opportunities, please use Community of Science.