Texas Tech University

The Submission Process

The new Cayuse IRB submission process is now active and replaces the old paper submission method. You will find Cayuse IRB a researcher-friendly question-and-answer format. It allows researchers to view all their IRB protocols on their computer. Current approved IRB protocols will be transferred into Cayuse IRB as Legacy studies. The Legacy studies will retain their assigned IRB protocol number.

Using branch logic, researchers will answer questions related to their study and skip irrelevant ones. For example, checking a box may prompt additional questions specific to that subject matter. Some questions are required and some questions are not. As you complete each section, please provide answers to questions that are relevant to your study whether they are required or not. Adequately answering questions will provide information to the IRB Reviewer to understand the study and facilitate the review process.


  1. Log into Cayuse IRB.
  2. From the DASHBOARD, click on the New Study button.
  3. In the Study Details screen, enter the name of the study and click on the Checkbox button.
  4. Click on the New Submission button and then the Initial button.
  5. In the Submission Details screen, click on the Edit button.
  6. Complete each section, ensuring there is a green check mark opposite the corresponding section. Checkmarked Step The check mark indicates that all the required fields have been answered. Save your work as you proceed through the actions. You may begin a study, save your work, and then return to the form later to complete it.
  7. When the initial submission has been completed, click on the Complete Submission button.
  8. Finally, click on the Confirm button to complete the initial submission.
  9. Once certified, the submission is forwarded to the HRPP for pre-screening. The submission may be forwarded to the IRB Reviewer or sent back to the PI requesting changes.
  10. The IRB Reviewer may return the submission back to the PI for revisions or approve the study.
  11. The researchers are kept informed at each stage of the process and receive updated emails regarding the status of the study as it progresses.