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September 28

Sponsored by the Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center and the High Performance Computing Center


  • Ravi Vadapalli is site director of the Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center (CAC). The unit is funded through the NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers program. The main purpose is to develop long-term industry-research partnerships through pre-competitive R&D leading to new business development, workforce training, and commercialization opportunities. The CAC has a few universities as member sites and since its inception in 2014, the CAC at TTU has successfully recruited industry members and sponsored industry relevant R&D in healthcare, banking, cloud standards, data center analytics and storage technologies. While this list is expanding, like many computing-oriented areas of research at the university, CAC at TTU is supported locally by the High Performance Computing Center of the TTU IT Division. By combining our capabilities through HPCC and CAC, we are looking for increased industry engagement, extramural funding, and workforce training opportunities.
  • Lisa Gittner is an associate professor of political science and public health. Her research is centered on building public health models using cloud computing and big data. The complexity of a system is difficult to model, thus most models of health and disease risk are tiny snapshots of a constellation of related factors that may actually contribute. Models are predictive in limited scenarios with exacting assumptions and when translated into real world situations predictive power degrades. There are numerous disease prevention programs that work in controlled situations but do not easily translate into the complex system that is the real world. Thus, we are building the novel computational and computing tools necessary to begin to unravel lifestyle diseases.
  • Susan Mengel is an associate professor in the Whitacre College of Engineering in the Department of Computer Science. Her areas of research interest include big data and computer security. She will showcase work done through the NSF Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center sponsored TTU Exposome Project on secure containers and databases for high performance computing and automated techniques to support health risk analytics and visualization.
  • Yong Chen is an associate professor of computer science and associate site director for the NSF Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center at Texas Tech. Scientific breakthroughs are increasingly powered by advanced computing and data analysis capabilities. The data-driven discovery has become the new fourth paradigm of scientific innovation after theory, experiment, and simulation driven innovations. Chen performs fundamental and translational research on storage and file systems, data management, big data analytics, and algorithms for building scalable computing systems for high-performance scientific computing/high-end cloud computing. Chen's research creates innovative solutions and advances computing and data-driven discovery methodologies.

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