Texas Tech University

Faculty Scale Program


 The Faculty Scale Program is currently in development to provide faculty an opportunity to assist in the developing West Texas economic development on behalf of the TTUS. The strategic initiatives are set by the TTUS Presidents. In a similar way other regions around the world such as the Research Triangle in Raleigh NC, Silicon Valley in CA, and Austin TX have developed through complex coordinated efforts benefiting their universities.

In Austin, economic transformation was rooted in the successful recruitment of high-tech branch facilities and industry consortia. The Austin approach reflects planned bottom-up efforts of the local chamber of commerce in combination with city government and the University of Texas at Austin. Two major industry consortia – Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC) and Sematech – were recruited to Austin. In the same timeframe, Dell was formed and Austin attracted branch facilities of Advanced Micro Devices, and 3M among others. A high-tech incubator was established at University of Texas in 1989 that generated further technology-based entrepreneurial activity (Gibson et al., 2004, Gibson and Rogers, 1994 and Henton et al., 1997, Smilor et al., 1988).

TTUS has a unique opportunity with its leadership and vision to create an environment at the Innovation Hub at Research Park that can benefit the system and the region. Currently under development to launch in 2018.