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We invite presentations that explore the manifold meanings of movement and change as connected to, created by, and/or caught up in the presence of women's, gender, and identity issues, in both contemporary and historical frameworks. Interdisciplinary proposals, as well as those from the disciplines and specialty subject areas are welcome.

Proposals from professional schools and administrative offices, as well as those from scholarly areas where women have been historically under-represented, including mathematics, the agricultural and natural sciences, and technology and applied sciences, are welcome.

We invite students, staff and faculty members in the social and behavioral sciences, the visual and performing arts, the communications fields, and the humanities to present their research. We also issue a special invitation to interested parties from other colleges, universities, and affiliated organizations to present, participate, and/or to attend this conference.


Attention Texas Tech University undergraduate and graduate students: Do you have library and/or archival research in gender studies or related fields? Are you planning on submitting a proposal to our Annual Conference? You could be eligible for a scholarship this spring.  Find out more about the Sandy River Memorial Endowment and how to apply.  After submitting the abstract, email the entire paper to patricia.a.earl@ttu.edu and indicate that this paper is for consideration for the Sandy River Memorial Endowment.

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