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Colloquium 2019 Schedule



On Friday, October 18, 2019 we hosted our 10th Annual Gender & Sexual Identities Colloquium on the campus of Texas Tech University.  

Support for this program came from the Office of LGBTQIA Education & Engagement, History Department and Classical & Modern Languages & Literature.

Below are highlights from our guest speakers:

Session I

Individual Paper Presentations

 A.  Early Modern Philosophy and Gender Identity: It Ain't All Bad
Dr. Francesca di Poppa, Assoc. Professor, Philosophy, Texas Tech University

BTeaching About Gender Issues with LGBTQ Children's Books in Elementary Classrooms
Erika Zavala, PhD Candidate, Curriculum and Instruction, Texas Tech University

C. "Checked 'Out': LGBTQIA in the Library"
Shelley Barba, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Texas Tech University, 
Co-author, Joy Perrin, Digital Initiatives Librarian, Texas Tech University


Session II 

Panel Presentation

D.  Building Rainbow Bridges: Advocacy for Safety and Space for Genders and Sexualities and Intersections with Multiple Identities

(Panelist) aretha marbley, PhD, Professor of Counselor Education, Director of Clinical Mental Health; Shih-Han Huang, MEd, Doctoral Candidate, Counselor Education; Jesse Starkey, MA, Doctoral Student, Media and Communication; Renetta R Harris, MA, Doctoral Student, Counselor Education; Mandi Salazar, MEd, Doctoral Student, Counselor Education; Allison Burrell, MEd, Doctoral Student, Counselor Education; Erika Zavala, MS, Doctoral Candidate, Bilingual Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Texas Tech University


Session II

Panel Presentation

E.  Creating a Feminist Archive at Texas Tech

Panelists: Undergraduate Women's & Gender Studies Students, Texas Tech University,  Moderator : Dr. Jocelyne B. Scott, Visiting Assistant Professor, Women's & Gender Studies



Keynote Speaker


Undesirables: A Queer History of Latinx Challenges to U.S. Immigration Policy

Julio Capó, Jr., Ph.D, Associate Professor of History and Public Humanities, Florida International University

Lunch is provided for the first 50 registrants



Book Signing with Dr. Julio Capó, Jr.
Welcome to Fairyland: Queer Miami Before 1940
(Available for purchase on site)


Session III

Individual Paper Presentations

F.  "Out at the Rodeo: Gay Rodeos and Queer Community Building, 1976 - present"
Justin Salgado, Master's Student, History, Texas Tech University

G.  "Dared Never Speak of This:" Children and Abuse in French Sodomy Trials, 1540-1670
Alexander Taft, Graduate Student, History, University of Texas


Our Keynote Speaker was Dr. Julio Capó, Jr. 

julio capoAssociate Professor of History and Public Humanities, Florida International University

Professor Capó is a transnational historian whose research and teaching interests include modern U.S. history, especially the United States's relationship to the Caribbean and Latin America. He addresses how gender and sexuality have historically intersected and coalesced with constructions of ethnicity, race, class, nation, age, and ability.

These are central themes in Capó's publications. His first book, Welcome to Fairyland: Queer Miami Before 1940 (UNC Press, 2017), is a transnational queer history of a city just "south of the U.S. South." It highlights how transnational forces—including (im)migration, trade, and tourism—to and from the Caribbean shaped Miami's queer past. The book has received six awards and honors, including the Charles S. Sydnor Award from the Southern Historical Association for the best book written on Southern history.

Awards & Distinctions

2018 Rembert Patrick Award, Florida Historical Society
2018 Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore Award, Florida Historical Society
2018 Stetson Kennedy Award, Florida Historical Society
Bronze Medal, 2017 Florida Book Awards, Florida Nonfiction
Finalist, Lambda Literary Award, LGBTQ Studies
2018 Charles S. Sydnor Award, Southern Historical Association