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What Practical Skills Will I Learn?

The program emphasizes critical thinking across disciplines, which is vital to success in any career you choose. You will learn how to critically evaluate practices, beliefs and standards about gender that shape the opportunities that women and men face in their daily lives. You can use these skills in a variety of careers in order to be a more successful leader and a better colleague who will know how to be effective in diverse work settings.

Strong Critical Thinking Skills

Students gain the ability to solve problems and think creatively about potential solutions. Student's benefit from an increased emphasis on the history of female cultural and political figures.

Confident Oral Presentation Skills

Students have the opportunity to present their research on topics traditionally underrepresented within general studies. Each opportunity to speak provides the student the ability to reduce their apprehension about speaking to groups.

Effective Writing Skills

Students gain experience in refining their writing skills while developing the ability to compose and edit complex reports under deadline.

Strong Research Skills

Students develop abilities to gather information from library and internet sources. In addition, many women's and gender studies classes assign research projects to students that rely on interviews with subjects who tell their own stories about their experiences as women or men. In doing so, students build skills and experience designing projects, interviewing and critically analyzing data that may surpass those of students in many traditional college majors.

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WGS Advisory Board/Council

The purpose of the WGS Council is to advise the Director of the program and enable all members of the University community to participate in and be informed about the Women's Studies Program.