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Gender Violence

What is Gender Violence?

Gender violence includes rape, sexual assault, relationship violence in heterosexual and same sex partnerships, sexual harassment, stalking, prostitution and sex trafficking. The term "gender violence" reflects the idea that violence often serves to maintain structural gender inequalities, and includes all types of violence against men, women, children, adolescents, gay, transgender people and gender non conforming. This type of violence in some way influences or is influenced by gender relations. To adequately address this violence, we have to address cultural issues that encourage violence as part of masculinity.

Gender Based Violence

What is the Duluth Model? 

Why does it work? Download the wheel power and control

Since the early 1980s, Duluth—a small community in northern Minnesota— has been an innovator of ways to hold batterers accountable and keep victims safe. The "Duluth Model" is an ever evolving way of thinking about how a community works together to end gender based violence.

  • A community using the Duluth Model approach:
    • Has taken the blame off the victim and placed the accountability for abuse on the offender.
    • Has shared policies and procedures for holding offenders accountable and keeping victims safe across all agencies in the criminal and civil justice systems from 911 to the courts.
    • Prioritizes the voices and experiences of women who experience battering in the creation of those policies and procedures.
    • Believes that battering is a pattern of actions used to intentionally control or dominate an intimate partner and actively works to change societal conditions that support men's use of tactics of power and control over women.
    • Offers change opportunities for offenders through court-ordered educational groups for batterers.
    • Has ongoing discussions between criminal and civil justice agencies, community members and victims to close gaps and improve the community's response to battering.

What can I do?

If you are a student at Texas Tech University System (of any gender) and are a victim-survivor of gender violence, contact the 24/7 hotline at (806) 742-5555.

  • Need to talk in person?
    • 24/7 hotline at (806) 742-5555
  • Campus Climate Report (TTU Risk Intervention & Safety Education)
    • What does the Report Cover?
    • You can use this form to report incidences such as:

      Bullying, Campus Environment, Domestic Violence, Hate Crimes, Hate Speech, Hazing, Micro-Aggression, Physical Assault (non-intimate relationship), Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment (including speech, actions, etc.), Sexual Voyeurism, Stalking, Other

  • If this is an emergency situation and you feel you are in danger, call 911 or Texas Tech University police at 
    • Emergency: 911
    • Non-emergency: 806-742-3931