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Our electronic newsletter features various items of interest pertaining to current events, announcements, call for papers, and kudos here on the campus of Texas Tech University as well as the Lubbock Community. If you would like to be placed on our E-Newsletter mailing list please go to our home page and sign up.


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For more information on our events go to our events calendar

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Throughout the semester we highlight work by faculty, staff and students.



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Note: Because Women's Studies is an academic program we do not handle requests from media for commentary on public debates or current events outside our own planned or collaborative programming. For further details review our Media Requests page.


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A number of announcements and events can be found on other social media devices as well as our web site. We will update all sites as details become available.

* Note: If you have an event or an announcement you would like us to be aware of, send us an email at womens.studies@ttu.edu



The Women's & Gender Studies builds community connections that enhance the quality of life for students and the community. It is our intent to increase partnerships with other campus offices, faculty, staff and students.

We will expand our community outreach, promote higher education, and continue to engage in partnerships in order to improve our communities and enrich their quality of life.

What are students saying about our program?