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The Women's Studies Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Women's & Gender Studies is to provide feminist-centered as well as gender- and identity-aware education, to support and expand research in Women's Studies and related fields of scholarship, to promote networking, advocacy, and support for women faculty, staff, and students and all interested members of the University and surrounding communities. We also serve as a source of information on and support for women's and gender-related scholarship, activities, and issues.

Vision Statement

The Program's vision is to ensure that the expansion of gender-aware educational opportunities and the active support of feminist and related fields of research are essential parts of the TTU academic agenda. We also promote all forms of gender equity in ways that reflect the needs and aspirations of women's and minority communities at TTU and beyond.

Program Outcomes

Priority 1. Increase Enrollment and Promote Student Success - We will grow and diversify our student population in order to improve higher education participation and supply a well-equipped, educated workforce for the state of Texas.

Priority 2. Strengthen Academic Quality and Reputation - We will attract and retain the best faculty in the world in order to enhance our teaching excellence and grow our number of nationally recognized programs.

Priority 3. Expand and Enhance Research and Creative Scholarship - We will significantly increase the amount of public and private research dollars in order to advance knowledge, improve the quality of life in our state and nation, and enhance the state's economy and global competitiveness.

Priority 4. Further Outreach and Engagement - We will expand our community outreach, promote higher education, and continue to engage in partnerships in order to improve our communities and enrich their quality of life.

Priority 5. Increase and Maximize Resources - We will increase funding for scholarships, professorships, and world-class facilities, and maximize those investments through more efficient operations in order to ensure affordability for students and accountability to the State of Texas.

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There are *652 women's and gender studies programs at community colleges, colleges, and universities in the U.S.

* Source: NWSA

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