Texas Tech University

Course Descriptions

WGS - Women's and Gender Studies (Undergraduate Courses)

WGS 2300 - Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

Basic survey of concepts and theories related to the study of women and to the analysis of gender roles. Fulfills core Language, Philosophy, and Culture requirement.

WGS 2301 - Gender Development: Life Span Developmental Perspective

Introduction to gender role concepts and to the impact of gender and gender role systems on individual and family developmental processes. [HDFS 2300]

WGS 2305 - Intersectionalities: Race, Class, and Gender in a Global WorldShape

The study of women's experiences as influenced by such social statuses and identities as race, class, and global status. Fulfills core Social and Behavioral Sciences and multicultural requirements.

WGS 2307 - Psychology of Gender

Surveys research and theories related to sex/gender, including professional settings, mental health, and relationships. Students may take this course or WGS 2301, not both. [PSY 2307]

 WGS 3312 - Gender and Communication

Examines gender in contemporary society, giving attention to gender roles, masculine and feminine communication styles, social institutions that shape gender, and everyday applications of gender in the lives of people. [COMS 3334]

WGS 3321 - Human Sexuality a Life Span Perspective

Prerequisite: 2.5 TTU GPA. Human sexuality from a life span perspective, with emphasis on developmental, familial, and societal factors that influence individual sexuality. [HDFS 3321]

WGS 3323 - Women in Modern America

Explores the history of women and gender in the United States from the 16th century to 1877. [HIST 3323]

WGS 3325 - Gendered Lives

Prerequisite: SOC 1301. Course treats women as a group with unique sex role socialization, work, family, and political experience. Emphasis on women in contemporary United States. [SOC 3325]

WGS 3326 - Gender and Politics

A study of female political participation in the United States, including voting, campaign activity, interest group activity, and office holding. [POLS 3326]

 WGS 3331 - Sexuality, Intimate Relations, and Family Life

An examination of the sociology of love and intimate partnership formation; sexuality; and historical, global, and cultural variations in family life.  [SOC 3331]

WGS 3337 - Inequality in America

Inequality as expressed in occupational, class, ethnic, and sexual hierarchies is examined from varying sociological perspectives. [SOC 3337]

WGS 3339 - Sexuality and Literature

Representative literature focusing on gender and sexuality from various parts of the world. May be repeated once for credit when topic varies. [ENGL 3339]

WGS 3340 - Gender and Sexuality in the Classical World

Examination of social and cultural dimensions of gender and sexuality in the ancient Greco-Roman world. Readings in English. [CLAS 3340]

WGS 3342 - Introduction to Research in Human Geography

Introduction to research methods in geography. [GEOG 3340]

WGS 3349 - LGBTQ History in the United States

Traces the history of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people in the United States, from the colonial period to the present.

WGS 3382 - Women Writers

Significant works by women. [ENGL 3382]

WGS 4000 - Individual Study: TA, Research, or Community Practicum

Prerequisite: 2.5 TTU GPA or consent of instructor and director. Teaching assistantships, student-initiated research experience, or community practicum. F, S.

WGS 4301 - Special Topics in Women's & Gender Studies

3 Semester Credit Hours
Topics vary, focusing on interdisciplinary work arising from feminist scholarship

WGS 4302 - Psychology of Human Sexual Behavior

Prerequisite: Junior standing. Study of human sexual behavior from a psychological viewpoint with emphasis on contemporary research methods and findings. [PSY 4300]

WGS 4305 - Directed Studies

Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing or consent of instructor. Independent study under the guidance of the instructor. May be repeated with consent of the Director of Women's Studies.

WGS 4310 - Feminist Thought and Theories

Prerequisite: Junior standing or consent of instructor. An examination of important theoretical writings and perspectives in women's studies, including the contributions of feminist theory and analysis to traditional disciplines.

WGS 4399 - Women's and Gender Studies Seminar

Prerequisite: WGS 2300 and senior standing. A capstone course for the minor in women's studies. Extends, integrates, synthesizes, and applies women's studies knowledge.