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A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR...Darby Shaw, editor

As agriculturists, it is our duty to replace the vision of agriculture that the public sees with the beautiful portrait of all that agriculture can be; and as students of Texas Tech, it is our job to represent the agriculturists who make this university great. This year, the Agriculturist accomplishes this and much more.

My hope for you is that you see the forward thinking of agriculturists. I hope you focus on the people who make difference to agriculture every day. Finally, I hope you are restored by the fearlessness with which agriculturists face the world around them.

Beyond that, this magazine gives you a chance to relive the meaningful traditions that have made you who you are, just as the cowboys of the 6666 Ranch do. Educate yourself and those around you of the truth about agriculture, just as Olivia Ron did when she opted out of veganism. Be inspired by the future of agriculture, because students like Stefanie wolf are redefining our generation.

If nothing else, the agriculturist represents the dedication and passion of the students at Texas Tech University and the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

Take some time to enjoy our magazine and let it illustrate a new idea of agriculture for you.
It’s a very pretty picture.


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