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Jorge Iber, PhD, is Associate Dean in the Student Division of the College of Arts & Sciences.  In this administrative capacity, he is responsible for supervising the manual degree auditing process for the college, serving as liaison to various student service offices throughout campus.

Iber manages advising issues for the College, certifies the academic progress of student athletes, assists in the various recruitment and retention activities, serves on Academic Council, Associate Deans Council, handles the processing of grade appeals and oversees the management of commencement exercises.

In his role as faculty member, Iber is a full professor in the Department of History with research interests focusing on the social significance of the history of Latinos/Latinas in US sport.  He teaches a variety of courses, such as US Sports and Recreation, basic US history surveys, Texas History, and Mexican American History. 

Among his numerous publications are nine books.  One of his latest works is entitled Mike Torrez: A Baseball Biography (Jefferson, NC: McFarland Publishers, 2016). Another title, More than Just Peloteros, was published in 2015.

Other current projects include:

  • a second volume of More Than Just Peloteros with TTU Press, set to publish in 2017.
  • a co-edited book on 60 significant games in the history of the Pittsburgh Pirates with the Society for American Baseball Research, which should publish in late 2017 or early 2018.
  • a co-authored book (with Mario Longoria) on the role of Latinos/Hispanics in American football (at all levels), under contract with McFarland and due to the publisher by July 2018.
  • an essay entitled "American Football in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, Central and South America," which will be part of a book entitled Touchdown: An American Obsession, edited by Gerald Gems and Gertrude Pfister for Berkshire Publishing, expected to publish in 2017.

He is also the author of more than two dozen scholarly and encyclopedia articles. Upcoming in the autumn 2014 (mid-October) issue of the journal, Kansas History, is an article to be titled “An Overview of the Early Life and Career of Topeka’s Mike Torrez, 1946-1978: Sport as a Means for Studying Latino/a Life in Kansas.” Other articles to come will appear in University of Nebraska/SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) publications on the Cincinnati Reds of the mid-1970s and the Pittsburgh Pirates of 1960.

Iber has published in electronic media as well, with Latino American Wrestling Experience: Over 100 Years of Wrestling Heritage in the United States, an e-book for the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2014.

Finally, he is the series editor for the Sports in the American West Series at Texas Tech University Press. 

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Raquel, and their son, Matthew.  He loves reading, watching old movies, cheering for the Red Raiders and his alma mater (University of Utah Utes) and helping Matthew improve his baseball and basketball skills. 

As you can tell from the photos, Iber is a lifelong (and long suffering) fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates and, after 20 consecutive years of losing records, was absolutely thrilled to see his beloved Buccos in the playoffs in 2013 (after giving the Cardinals a run for their money for the National League Central Division title)!  Although they failed to move on in 2013, 2014, and 2015, it was wonderful to see the Pirates as a force in the NFL once again. though the 2016 campaign has been a disappointment, Iber and Matthew are anxiously awaiting the start of the 2017 season, and hope to see the Pirates in the World Series soon.

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  • Mexican American History
  • Latinos in U.S. Sports History

Published Works:

book "Mike Torrez, a Baseball Biography" by Jorge Iber


Ibrt Baseball Alamo

More Than Just Peloteros, by Jorge Iber, Texas Tech

Jorge Iber, Latino Wrestling, Book, TTU, College of Arts & Sciences

  • Latino American Wrestling Experience: Over 100 Years of Wrestling Heritage in the United States, with Lee Maril (National Wrestling Hall of Fame, e-book 2014)
  • Latinos in U.S. Sports: A History of Isolation, Cultural Identity, and Acceptance, with Samuel Regalado, Jose Alamillo, Arnoldo DeLeon (Human Kinetics 2011)
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  • Hispanics in the American West, with Arnoldo DeLeon (ABC-CLIO 2005)
  • Hispanics in the Mormon Zion, 1912-1999 (Texas A&M University Press 2002)

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