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Welcome to the Welch Summer Scholars Program at Texas Tech University

Congratulations, again, on your acceptance into the 2007 Welch Summer Scholar Program and welcome to Texas Tech University! I know that I speak for all the faculty and staff of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department in saying that we are very pleased you are here.

The next several weeks will be full of challenges and new opportunities. We are here to assist you. This will be a learning experience and a growing experience. How much you learn and grow will depend largely on the degree to which you participate in and embrace the opportunities of the Welch Summer Scholar Program. Don�t hesitate, in the least, to talk about any problems and difficulties that may arise. I am available anytime, should you have questions or need assistance.

Again, I enthusiastically welcome you to the 2007 Welch Summer Scholar Program at Texas Tech University. I hope you have a truly wonderful experience and I am prepared to do whatever I can to ensure that your goals are realized. Now, let�s have fun!

Dr. Christopher L. Truitt
WSSP Coordinator at Texas Tech University


For more information on the Welch Summer Scholar Program contact the UT Austin site.

Aug 17, 2017