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Departmental News

■ ACS Spring 2018 (255th) National Meeting presentations (Mar 18-22):
- Prof. Cozzolino, Invited talk Strategies for incorporating p-block element catalysts inside MOF's for reductions and oxidations
- Prof. Cozzolino, Controlling molecular recognition and self-assembly with pnictogen(III) secondary bonding interactions in the solid and solution states
- Prof. Quitevis, Invited talk The Importance of Polarizability in the Solvation of Molecular Solutes in Ionic Liquids

■ Prof. Andrew Harned gave a presentation entitled Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

■ Prof. John D'Auria gave a guest lecture entitled Expanding the toolbox for synthetic biology of tropane alkaloids

■ The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (JEOM) has selected the article, Airborne Particulate Matter. by Prof. Thompson

■ Prof. Quitevis served on the Physical Sciences Review Panel of the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Ford Foundation Fellowship Program

■ Dr. Long, represented TTU and the South Plains ACS at the 255th ACS National meeting

■ TTU graduate student recruiting with Prof. Findlater, Sunday, Mar 18

■ ACS Council meeting, Wednesday, Mar 21 (as local section Councilor). Our VPR, Dr. Joseph Heppert, was also present and as Chair of the ACS Budget & Finance committee

■ Prof. Michael Findlater has served on an NSF Panel for Chemical Catalysis and an NIH Special Emphasis Panel/Scientific Review Group

■ Prof. Mechref has served on an NIH ZRG1 BST-H (40) on Monday March 19th, 2018

Awards and Accolades

QuitevisPaulProf.'s Quitevis and Pare are the recipients of a President's Excellence in Research Professorship for 3 years beginning in September 2018. + More
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CasadontePappasProf.'s Casadonte and Pappas are the recipients of a President's Excellence in Teaching Professorship for 3 years beginning in September 2018. + More
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QuitevisProf.'s Quitevis and Abidi (Dept Plant Soil Sci) have been notified that their Bayer Crop Science grant entitled "Cellulose Dissolution and Regeneration Using Ionic Liquids" was renewed. + More
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GuigenProf. Li's Welch grant proposal "Chiral GAP Catalysts for Asymmetric Reactions" will be renewed for three years ($330,000 for 3 years). + More
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LathamProf. Latham Welch grant proposal "Uncovering allosteric coupling in a DNA damage repair complex with methyl-based NMR spectroscopy". + More
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FindlaterProf. Findlater was named the Alpha Chi Omega Professor of the Month in March.
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Archive of Departmental News

Student Highlights

TTU LogoCongratulations to our undergraduate students who participated in the 10th annual Undergraduate Research Conference here at Texas Tech University + More

ReedCongratulations Reed Nieman for receiving the Doctoral Dissertation fellowship for 2018-19 academic year.

MirandaGraduate Student Miranda Andrews featured in a College of Arts & Sciences article.
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TTU LogoCongratulations to the Fall 2017 Dean's List and President's List Recipients + More

TTU LogoBrandon Watson places first in the 2017 ACS SWRM Undergraduate poster session + More

Our Vision

ChemistryThe Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is committed to providing high quality education in the chemical and biochemical sciences for undergraduate and graduate students, producing research contributions that are recognized nationally and internationally, and making service contributions at all levels.

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