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Molecular Pedal Motion Influences Thermal Expansion Properties within Isostructural Hydrogen-Bonded Co-crystals Final State Resolved Quantum Predissociation Dynamics of SO<sub>2</sub>(C~<sup>1</sup>B<sub>2</sub>) and Its Isotopomers via a Crossing with a Singlet Repulsive State Imaging dynamic fingerprints of competing E2 and S<sub>N</sub>2 reactions Detection of sepsis in patient blood samples using CD64 expression in a microfluidic cell separation device Ginny Shen Lin with Scholarship RecipientsDepartmental Alumni HighlightsEarly History of the Department

Department News

YehiaOn January 29, 2018, Prof. Mechref served on the NIDDK Special Emphasis Panel; + More

SweedlerProf. Jonathan Sweedler (UIUC) was guest speaker for the Dasgupta Lecture Series, Feb 7th & 8th+ More
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Shen LinThe Department was pleased to host Dr. Ginny Shen Lin and her daughter Dr. Anna Elsalim on Jan. 19th+ More

MoralesProf. Jorge A. Morales to be Visiting Professor at University of Pernambuco, Brazil + More
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harnedProf. Andrew Harned named Associate Editor for Royal Society Open Science + More
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BenjaminProf. Benjamin Wylie received a Maximizing Investigators' Research Award of $1,745,725 + More
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Student Highlights

TTU LogoCongratulations to the Fall 2017 Dean's List and President's List Recipients + More

TTU LogoBrandon Watson places first in the 2017 ACS SWRM Undergraduate poster session + More

TTU LogoThe Chemistry & Biochemistry Department Research Poster Session + More

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ChemistryThe Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is committed to providing high quality education in the chemical and biochemical sciences for undergraduate and graduate students, producing research contributions that are recognized nationally and internationally, and making service contributions at all levels.

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