Texas Tech University

Glass Shop

Shop Responsibilities

  • Fabrication and repair of instructional and research glassware
  • Stock sizes of glass tubing, rod ground glass joint, stopcocks, glass-metal seals, etc.
  • Melts, fuses, and forms glass tubing and glassware according to specification
  • Modifies and makes attachments for commercially made glassware and tubing
  • Repairs or removes and replaces broken parts and sections of glassware
  • Fabricates glass-to-metal and glass-to-glass graduated seals
  • Glassware for chemistry, life sciences, chromatography, environmental science, and education
  • Chromatography columns, condensers, distillation apparatus, flasks, funnels, manifolds, reaction vessels

Jeanne Bertonazzi

Jean Bertonazzi

Scientific Glass Blower

Office: CHEM 023
Phone: 806.834.6858
Fax: 806.742.1289
Email: j.bertonazzi@ttu.edu

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