Texas Tech University

Electronics Shop

Vince Wilde


Project/Senior Engineer & Building Manager

Office: CHEM 016
Phone: 806.834.7158phone icon
Fax: 806.742.1289phone icon
Email: vince.wilde@ttu.edu

Dheeraj Kumar Cidda

Graduate Assistant - Electronics Shop

Graduate Assistant - Electronics Shop

Office: CHEM 016
Phone: 806.834.1124phone icon
Fax: 806.742.1289phone icon
Email: dheerajkumar.cidda@ttu.edu

Don Pathirage

IT Specialist

IT Support Specialist IV

Office: CHEM 016
Phone: 806.834.2349phone icon
Fax: 806.742.1289phone icon
Email: don.pathirage@ttu.edu

Shop Responsibilities

  • Support all department computers (hardware and software) and printers
  • Support audio and visual equipment in the lecture rooms
  • Support and repair of all instruments in teaching and research labs
  • Design and fabricate electronic circuits
  • LabView and Visual Basic programming for equipment control and data acquisition
  • Administration of shops' and stockroom databases
  • Web page design and editing
  • Department SharePoint and TechShare administration

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry