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Departmental Donations

Our department is, now more than ever, dependent upon non-state sources of funding in the form of endowments and personal donations. The continued success and improvement in our department depends upon the establishment of a stable endowment-based foundation. Would you please consider helping us in this critical endeavor?

Contributions in any amount are welcome. We are well on our way to establishing a class of students who are second-to-none in the country. Please consider helping the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at TTU as we strive to be one of the premier teaching and research departments in the United States and the world.

Please make checks payable to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry - TTU and designate your donation be applied to one of the following accounts:

  • Departmental Chemistry and Biochemistry Endowment
  • Jerry Mills Endowed Scholarship
  • G. Wilse Robinson Lecture Series Endowment
  • Henry J. Shine Lecture Series Endowment
  • Purnendu K. Dasgupta Seminar/Scholarship Endowment
  • Robert A. Welch Chair in Chemistry Endowment
  • Song Prize Endowment
  • Samuel Hunt Lee Memorial Endowment
  • Organic Chemistry Endowment
  • Chemistry Scholars Assistantship Endowment
  • Cissy and John Ward Research Graduate Fellowship Endowment
  • Unrestricted (to be used at the Chair's discretion)
  • Scholarships for Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors:
    • Advance Technology TTU Alumni Scholarship Endowment
    • Alumni Scholarship Fund - Chemistry
    • Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment
    • Craig Memorial Scholarship Endowment
    • Department of Chemistry Scholarships
    • H. Earl & Countess Fore Archer Scholarship Endowment
    • Hulda Wild Marshall Scholarship Endowment
    • Jeanette and Joe Dennis Endowed Scholarship
    • Jerry Mills-ACS Student Affiliate Award for Academic Excellence Scholarship Endowment
    • Mae and Doug Allee Scholarship Endowment
    • Paul and Alta Cates Endowed Biochemistry Scholarship
    • Richard A. Bartsch Scholarship Endowment
    • Robert C. Goodwin Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Chemistry
    • Walter J. Chesnavich Scholarship

Checks should be mailed to:

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Texas Tech University
Box 41061
Lubbock, TX 79409-1061

If your company has a matching gift program, please also send the contact information or matching funds request form.

Donations may also be made by contacting the Arts & Sciences Development office or you can make an online donation at http://donate.give2tech.com and select a "Search for a specific fund" or choose "Did not find what you are looking for?", then enter "Chemistry and Biochemistry". The Development office can assist you if you have any questions.

Thank you for supporting the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry!

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