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CHEM 1301/1307 Prerequisite Assessment

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Any student required to take CHEM 1307 (Principles of Chemistry I) must take the Texas Tech University Chemistry Placement Examination (CPE). Options available based upon the CPE score are discussed on the CHEM 1307 Assessment Results webpage.

Flowchart to help select your initial chemistry course: Image  PDF

The prerequisite assessment for CHEM 1307 registration is to determine whether the entering student has an appropriate level of preparation in chemistry and mathematics to undertake study of the concepts presented in the course. Even students intending to take CHEM 1301 (Preparatory Chemistry) before CHEM 1307 are required to take the CPE, to enable the department to assess areas of initial need in CHEM 1301.

If your score seems low – do not be discouraged, as there are a few options available for preparation and entry into CHEM 1307.

Those whose major programs do not require CHEM 1307 (including some pre-Allied Health and Agricultural Sciences majors) do not need the CPE assessment. These students should see the Admitted Student information on the following page:


Chemistry Placement Exam (CPE)

The Chemistry Placement Exam website includes a practice exam that may be taken in advance of the CPE.

The CPE will test your knowledge of basic chemical information, the ability to do numerical problems using chemical information, and mathematical skills at the level of algebra. The actual CPE consists of 35 questions that can be organized into the following five categories:

Chemical formulas, naming compounds,
and balancing equations
6 questions
Quantitative chemical problems 5 questions
Physical and chemical properties
of atoms and molecules
15 questions
Chemical reactions 2 questions
Problem solving and algebra skills 7 questions

The practice examination consists of only 20 questions distributed similarly among the categories and with a difficulty level similar to, or slightly higher than, that of the actual examination. The practice exam may be taken repeatedly, but the actual exam may be attempted only once. The practice exam has no time limit, but the actual exam has a 90 minute time limit.

After the Chemistry Placement Exam (CPE)

Go to the CHEM 1307 Assessment Results page for information on what your score means and other alternatives available to meeting course prerequisites or improving your preparation for the course.

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