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  • About TTU-CR

    Texas Tech University at Costa Rica (TTU-CR), is TTU's first international campus. It will offer high quality academic undergraduate and certificate programs aligned to strategic development goals of Costa Rica and the Central American region, through an alliance with EDULINK, S.A., part of the Promerica Group.

  • What is it?

    The University Project Mission: “To offer a high quality university experience providing affordable, accredited and transferable undergrad, grad and certificate programs aligned to the strategic development goals for students in the Central American region through an alliance with a prestigious USA university at an integrated facility in Costa Rica.”

    Degrees and academic programs to be offered:

    • B.S. in Electrical Engineering
    • B.S. in Industrial Engineering
    • B.S. in Computer Science
    • B.S. in Mathematics
    • B.S. in Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management 
  • How much?

    Tuition will be calibrated to the local market: more than top level local American-international K-12 schools in San José, but less than out-of-state tuition/room and board at US universities. Financial opportunities with Promerica Group, CONAPE, and other financial institutions. A program of scholarships based upon merit is being developed.

  • Faculty?

    Faculty will be a combination of TTU professors from US home campus in Lubbock and some highly qualified, TTU recruited adjunct local professors. The language of instruction will be English.

  • Who will attend?

    The primary student target population is qualified host country national Costa Rican and Central American students who meet TTU admission requirements and English language fluency standards. US student exchanges and study-abroad opportunities will be possible and promoted.

  • Where?

    The TTU-CR University Plaza facility will be located in the Escazú suburb of west San José and integrated into the Ave. Escazú community. University Plaza will be a complex of three integrated locations to include classrooms, laboratories, library/media center, administrative offices and student services in a three phase project implementation plan.

  • When?

    Project master timeline is:

    • July 2016-July 2017 – Construction Phase 1 (Avenida Escazú Building 205)
    • August 2017-January 2018 – Interior finish, furnishings
    • August 2018 – Inauguration of classes (Fall Term TTU)

Still have questions?

We are glad to help. Contact us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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