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Two Versions of Blackboard Collaborate: Classic & Ultra

by Deniz Uzunosmanoglu, M.S., Research Assistant

Blackboard Collaborate is a web-conferencing tool offering engagement and collaboration. TTU Worldwide eLearning licensed Blackboard Collaborate for a number of years, and since summer 2016, the new version of Blackboard Collaborate (Ultra) has been made available to faculty and staff.

There are some differences between the two versions: Classic and Ultra. Classic is Java-based and requires users to download and install the launcher, whereas Ultra does not require installation and entirely browser-based. Classic is tied to Blackboard courses and requires eRaider login. On the other hand, Ultra is not tied to a Blackboard course, and users do not need eRaider credentials to login.

The other main difference between the two versions is that unlike Classic, participants in Ultra can be given the Presenter role, without having full moderator privileges.

For more information about differences, please see the attached document Differences between Classic and Ultra versions of Blackboard Collaborate.

For more information about the versions of Blackboard Collaborate, see our website.