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The following GENERAL RULES pertain to the Environmental Studies minor program:

  1. Students minoring in Environmental Studies must complete at least 18 semester hours (6 courses) to be chosen from the courses listed.
  2. Because this is an interdisciplinary program, students may not count more than two courses from any one department or discipline toward the minor.
  3. Students must take at least two upper-division (junior and senior rank) courses. For this reason, the basic introductory prerequisite courses are included in most instances.
  4. Courses that students use to fulfill their major requirements may not be also applied towards fulfillment of the requirements for an Environmental Studies minor. That is, a course may count towards either a major or a minor, but not both.

For additional information on the courses listed in the Environmental Studies program or on any other aspect of the Environmental Studies minor program, see:

Dr. Mark Stoll
Environmental Studies Program
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Updated: April 28, 2009

Environmental Studies