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United Future Leaders



18 Week Curriculum

This UFL curriculum consists of eighteen 90-minute sessions implemented by UFL staff consisting of Texas Tech education professionals, graduate students, student assistants and volunteers. Weekly program delivery is implemented in an after school setting with 5th and 6th grade students at select host campuses. It is a self-selected process requiring an application with a firm commitment to ongoing program participation.  The participant capacity for each campus is set at fifteen students on a first come, first served basis.  At large spots are made available at these campuses for students attending other schools.

Weekly Lesson Components:

  • UFL themes are taught through experiential and developmentally appropriate activities.
  • A healthy snack time is dedicated during program delivery to teach students basic nutritional information and etiquette.
  • Physical activities challenge students to reinforce and apply thematic lessons through kinesthetic learning.

10 Session Curriculum

In order to meet the growing demands and fulfill the UFL mission of developing young leaders, replication of the 18-week curriculum is now a reality. The new 10 session curriculum focuses on the original UFL themes, with adaptations to better fit the needs of the school classroom environment.  In addition, this curriculum can be utilized in various settings. Some examples are enhancement to school elective or core subject curriculum, extracurricular clubs and organizations, and community youth and outreach programs.

This curriculum was developed with the understanding that lessons of this nature are valuable to educators, yet the demands placed on both students and youth professionals sometimes take precedence. 

The 10-session curriculum consists of descriptive 35-minute lesson plans, which include supplemental handouts and require limited planning time and additional materials.

United Future Leaders